Mountainsmith Tour TLS Lumbar Pack Video


Today we’re going to take a look at the classic Day and Tour technical lumbar packs. The Day, the larger of the two, has ample space for a full days worth of adventuring. The Tour, a slightly more streamlined version but with the same feature set of great organization, excellent carry, tuck-away waist belt, which we’ll take a closer look at in a bit, and that iconic Mountainsmith look. The Tour lumbar pack is equipped with a really nice, padded suspension system. There is far more padding on this than you’ll find on most lumbar packs. So here in the lumbar region there is padding and that padding continues out onto the fully adjustable hipbelt with elastic pockets on that hipbelt as well. There are excellent organizational features on the Tour. You can see on either side here you’ve got water bottle pockets. I really like the design on these bottle pockets since they are very stretchy but have built in compression that keeps them flush with the pack when not in use and gives it a real clean profile and keeps it from snagging on anything. On the very front there is a large storage pocket with a key fob and the main compartment, which I have packed full, offers a suspended, padded panel which is great for electronics if you are carrying them but it also works to carry other gear. There is also a suspended, zippered pocket near the front and you get great visibility in here due to the bright yellow lining. Let me pull out this windshirt and show you how you can strap that right to the front of the pack by cinching this in and keeps it more closely at hand while you are on the go. There are other attachment points here too if you wanted to lash other gear to the outside of the Tour. This makes this a functional, technical option for any and all types of day hiking. The Tour can be carried or worn in a number of different ways which make it pretty versatile. Right now I’m wearing it as the traditional lumbar pack and you can see the fully padded wrap at the waistbelt. On either side of the pack there are also some fine tuning adjustments to be had. This really takes the bounce out of the pack and stabilizes the load whether you are day hiking or even running, really any activity where you are moving, you’ll have nice stabilization because of those adjustment points. A second way to carry the Tour is over the shoulder. A fully adjustable shoulder strap is included, clips easily into the back of the tour and I have also tucked away the hipbelt. There is a nice slot to do that and then you can wear the Tour as a shoulder bag. The Tour has a 488 cubic inch capacity which actually allows you to store quite a bit of gear in here and sometimes that weight can add up a bit. If you find that you’re carry a lot of weight you may want to consider using Mountainsmith’s Strapettes. The Strapettes are sold separately and they clip in to the same place we had the shoulder strap. They are basically shoulder straps that allow the Tour to function as a standard day pack. So, clip these into place and there are a couple of dedicated spots that make that really easy to do, again, throw this over your shoulders and get some extra support for that additional weight. Pull the hipbelt back out, clip it into place and off we go with the Tour more like a day pack.


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