Mountainsmith Mountain Shelter Video


We have just set up the Mountainsmith Mountain Shelter LT and this is a lightweight tarp style shelter that pitches with trekking poles. So there is no traditional tent poles for this tent and unlike traditional tents it doesn’t have a floor. So we are going to take a look at this tent, but the first thing that stood out to me when I set this thing up is it really challenges me to think about how light weight and how minimalist am I really willing to go. You know, without the floor of this tent you still have a lot of weather proof protection. The really steep walls allows for rain to shed really easily and you do have waterproof nylon there in the new rain fly, a pretty durable material here. And without the floor of the tent you do have some breathability that you wouldn’t see on some traditional single wall tents in this category. So I am a fan of this tent already and we are going to take a look at some more of the details. Some of the specifications of this tarp style shelter, it weighs in right at two pounds, so definitely packable for two backpackers. Now this is definitely meant for two back packers. It is light enough that it could be a shelter for one person as well. But there is sprawling room in here as well, definitely enough room for two people to get in and out. You have got 54 square feet of space inside this tent. I do have the vestibule rolled back right there, but if I were to open this up and zip it out, this vestibule would come out. So you definitely have ample room out here in the vestibule area. I can see this as being a good place to even cook. You know, if you are... if it is raining or something like that, you could cook out here and still, you know, be covered under the tarp here. As you can see it is really easy for me to get in and out of the tent as the peak height here is pretty high for the light weight quality of this tent. So, again, I am just impressed by the amount of space that you have here. With the rain fly or with the tarp here, you have a 40 D rip stop nylon. So that is really durable. But it also keeps your weight down. Again, I want to just point out the trekking pole style set up here. There are no poles included with this tent. We are going to show you a little bit about how to set up the Mountain Shelter. And so basically you lay the shelter out flat first and you stake in just the back three points. There is detailed instructions printed on the bag of the tent and these are really helpful. So if you follow these step by step you should be able to set it up pretty easily. So you stake out the back there. There are two adjustment points that are actually printed on the side of the tent. So it tells you how long the back trekking pole needs to be and how long the front trekking pole needs to be. So basically I have got the front of the tent, the front trekking poll right there adjusted to its proper length. I have already got the trekking pole in the back set up and ready to go. So I have got it mostly staked out here. These two guide out likes wouldn’t be staked out to the end, but to show you how it is done, basically you take the trekking pole here and you want to insert the top, soft part of the trekking pole into the tent. You don’t want the tip of you trekking pole going into the tent. That will definitely put a hole into it. And you set it up there just so that the tent stays up. So you can make adjustments as you go. But then the second step here would be just staking out the, what I would call the vestibule part down there. So that gives you an idea of how this tarp really stakes out. And in the beginning I felt it was... you know, if you have never set up a tarp style tent like this before, it could be a little intimidating. But once you set it up once, you will get it. So, you know, sets up. I can set it up by myself and it definitely sets up pretty easily. We have got the front of this shelter zipped shut just so you can see the full coverage that you get with it. Earlier we had this side folded back. But you can really... you can roll back both sides of this. There is tabs on either side if you want to have more of that ventilation and breathability. And the back of the shelter also has a flap that you can open for more breathability with this shelter. Again, you have got a lot of attachment points here, a lot of guide out lines and just a lot of places you can stake the tarp into the ground. And so that was one of my fears trying to set this up is that it wasn’t going to be very stable. But once you have everything staked out, everything guide out and you have got the trekking poles at the correct length, you do really have a stable shelter here. All in all it is a great value for just the value conscious back packer who is looking for a minimalist shelter. I have got the actual stuff sack here just so you can see how small that packs down. So once you have everything rolled up and inside it packs down to be this small. So it really does save space in your pack if that is the type of thing you are looking for. But, all in all, a great shelter for two backpackers. It is the Mountainsmith Mountain Shelter LT.


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