Mountainsmith Haze 50 Backpack Video


The failing of many light weight and ultra light weight back packs is that to get down to that weight you need to throw away a lot of the elements that provide support, that provide cushioning, that allow that pack to comfortably carry weight. Or does away with organizational features that really skimp on the access to the pack. The Mountainsmith Haze 50, which I am wearing here, addresses both of those while keeping weight under two pounds. Despite weighing in under two pounds, there are some organizational features here so this is not just a bag on shoulder straps. You have got these two column pockets here on the front of the pack, really sizable. So you have got zippered access into each of those. You have got all kinds of things packed away in there. On the other side I have got even more layers, even more gear stuff inside that pocket. So nice storage capacity there. Sizable, stretch pockets on either side of the pack, water bottle there. Got my stove tucked away on the other side and you have got compression, again, that runs on either side of the pack to make sure that everything stays put. You have got some expandable strapping here at the bottom of the pack to run a sleeping pad, tent poles, whatever might work best for you across the bottom of the pack. There are tool attachment loops. You can see ice axe, trekking pole attachments here. Also daisy chains at the bottom for lashing gear. On the hip belt, despite being, again, a kind of a minimalist design, you do have a small elastic pocket that help keeps essentials close at hand. Do note that the Haze 50 is not a lidded pack. It is lidless. It has got a draw string closure here on the top of the pack. Mountainsmith incorporates an innovative crossover compression system here on top. So light weight buckles, easy attachment and detachment that gets you to that top loading element in the pack bag. Draw string closure on that pack bag to make sure everything is secure. You have got some additional capacity when you need it. When you don’t, as we are carrying it right now, so that tucks away and that compression system keeps everything in place, stabilized so you don’t have contents shifting here or there while you are on the move. I am going to turn the Haze 50 around and we will take a look at its suspension system. So, again, it is an extremely light weight pack. You are not going to find heavy aluminum stays or framing, but there is a solid EVA foam frame sheet internally inside the pack. Over top of that is some really nice EVA foam. And that EVA foam carries through on to the contoured shoulder strap and on to the hip belt. Again, you can see some cutaways here that maintaining that light weight design. You don’t necessarily need the support right there, because of the cushioning that you get on the fins and the wrap of that belt. It doesn’t have load lifter straps. It does, though, have an adjustable sliding sternum strap. And that fully adjustable single pull hip belt. The Haze 50 does not have torso adjustability, but it is available in two different sizes. The small medium fits torso lengths ranging from 15 to 18 inches while the medium large version of the pack fits 18 to 22 inch length torsos. Slightly different capacity on the two packs. The small medium just over 3000 cubic inches and then the larger of the two packs comes in a little over 3200 cubic inches. The Haze 50 is also hydration compatible. It doesn’t come with a hydration system, but it has got a built in hanger, a line sleeve in behind the back panel and also an exit port here on the back of the pack. So you can run that hydration tube over either shoulder, a little elastic band on each to keep that drinking tube out of the way. Mountainsmith Haze 50, got great durability here. Excellent versatility. That weight, again, comes in under two pounds which makes it a really, really versatile option for all different kinds of back country use. Also comes at an affordable price point making the Mountainsmith Haze 50 a pack you should definitely check out.


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