Mountain Hardwear SummitRocket 20 Vest Pack Video


I am wearing the Mountain Hardwear SummitRocket 20 vest pack, an ultra light weight pack designed in tandem with Alpinist {?} for a fast and light summit assaults. SummitRocket 20 vest pack completely focused on ultra light weight design as has been the case with any and all of the products designed collaboratively between {?} and Mountain Hardwear. I am going to turn the pack around and take a look at its suspension system. Again, very stripped down, very light weight to pull the strapping back here. You can see a very ultra light weight channeled back panel. Actually, pretty nice cushioning there, not very deep, but deep enough that on a pack like this that moves with you, actually wraps instead of being very stiff. There is a surprising amount of comfort there. Padding carries over into the shoulder straps and the harness design that you can see here. There is actual dual sternum strapping and those can be adjusted to fit you most comfortably. That actually pulls that pack in pretty closely even though you do not have a true hip belt on this pack. Webbing in here, on the fly compression system so depending on how much you have in the pack you can really cinch things down and make it smaller. You actually can be rid of that system entirely if you decide to and reduce the already low 12 ounce pack weight to just 11 ounces. Really looking at a single large compartment here. I say large. It is all relative. 1250 cubic inches, again, 20 liter size in this pack. There is a zippered top loader. It does pull open pretty nicely. It gives you top access here to the pack. There is a dedicated hangar for a hydration system, not included, sold separately. Not a sleeve, again, saving on weight there. But there is that hanger. Other pocketing really is all on the harness itself to keep it close and at hand. So you have got a water bottle pocket there. You have got a small zippered pocket above that. On the other side of the harness a little flip stretch pocket and then a larger zippered stretch pocket. You have got a head lamp in there at the moment. Several of these design features in the fit also makes this a potential running pack or a fast and light day hiking pack as well. You don’t need to be headed to the top of the world’s highest peaks like {?} might be to put this pack to good use. Real ultra light weight option. The Mountain Hardwear SummitRocket 20 vest pack.


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