Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Anorak Video


This is the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Anorak. It weighs, on average, 2 ounces and just to emphasize how small and light it is, this is the XXL size packed up. This piece is extremely lightweight. You can see the fabrication and how light it is, you can see that the wind is just kind of blowing it away from me like a feather and there is barely a breeze out here. You can see my hand because it’s a see through fabric; it’s that light weight. It is water resistant and wind resistant so it will offer weather protection although it’s not going to be a full hard shell by any means. It is an anorak which means that it doesn’t have a full front zipper. You can see it has a deep chest zipper that goes all the way down to here so you’re going to get great ventilation out of that when you need it. There is a cuff piece over the zipper, near the top at the chin so you won’t have the zipper digging into your chin. On the sleeves you have a bit of reflective graphic here so if you are running at night you’ll show up and at the bottom of the sleeves the cuff has a little bit of elastic to it. At the bottom hem, right along the side, which would be here, under the arm, you’ve got a bit of elastic as well. The rest of it is an open hemline. Tucked in along the side here you’ll see a little bit of a double layer; that is the inside pocket that I had it stuffed into initially. You can see how small that packed up using that pocket that comes with it. Now, this piece is going to be fantastic for anybody who is really into high aerobic activities; somebody who’s running, somebody who’s cycling. It’s going to breathe well and you won’t need to worry about the fabrication of the jacket being like a hard shell where it’s fully waterproof and windproof features are also blocking some breathability, but you are going to get some weather protection out of it. For anybody who’s not into those high aerobic activities I see this as an extra piece to have in your pack, your purse, the glove compartment of your car, in a kayak in a bike pannier, I mean, it’s so insanely small you can just put it in your pocket and not have to think about it being there. That’s the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Anorak.


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