Marmot Women's Zion Jacket Video


The Marmot women’s Zion jacket is a great technical soft shell piece for any winter aer-obic activity. This is made with polar tech neo shell and all of the seams are taped. So this is a completely waterproof piece that also offers the breathability of a soft shell jacket. The Zion jacket has five very strategic pockets. Starting on the front you can see this real-ly long zipper. This can accommodate a pair of goggles or a pair of gloves really well and you will notice that the pockets start up really high and they don't go all the way down to the bottom of the jacket. So if you are wearing a climbing harness or a backpack you can still access these pockets, no problem. We move to the chest pocket. This is, you know, big enough for a cell phone or an iPod. If I open the jacket up you can see on the inside there is actually a little media port in there for ear buds. So that makes it really nice to wear headphones. There is also a pocket right on the sleeve. This is big enough for either a pair of keys or a small chapstick. It is a very small pocket there. And then also on the inside there is an interior chest pocket. I will note that all of the zippers on all of the pockets of this jacket are waterproof, so, you know, that is just another added feature to the Zion jacket. Some more awesome features of the Zion jacket, you have a two way adjustable hood. And this is actually a really sizable hood. I can see it fitting over a helmet really well. So you have adjustability on both sides of the hood. You can see that it would adjust down to fit right around your head. On the back of the hood you also have a draw string that secures the hood around your head this way. At the bottom you can see at the hem you have two cinch cords just to cinch those down and... you know, if you are... especially if you are wearing a harness it tends to push out the bottom of your jacket so you can really, you know, cinch that down in the bottom. Going down to the cuff you have a single Velcro adjustment. And the cuff is actually an asymmetrical shape so it works really well with a glove. The fit of this jacket, I am currently wearing a medium. In most outerwear pieces from other brands I would wear a small and you can see it is a little bit big on me, so you know, I would go down to a small on this jacket. Otherwise you have a lot of range of motion so you can get away with, I guess, a little bit smaller of a jacket. One last feature to mention. There is some abrasion resistant patterning on the shoulder of the Zion jacket and this just adds durability against climbing slings, back pack straps. They have also dropped all of the seams off of the shoulders so you don’t have any, you know, abrasion on there. All in all this is a great winter soft shell that will give you con-fidence you are going to stay dry in any winter conditions.


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