Marmot Women's Variant Jacket Video


Hello. We're out doing some hiking this morning and I've got my Marmot Women's Variant Jacket on, which I've been loving so far this Fall. I guess when we started this morning, it started in the low-to-mid 40's. It's heated up somewhere in the 50's, but it's been perfect for cool weather like this. It's made out of a Power Stretch material which breathes really well. It's very stretchy and comfortable. But the front of it has this really lightweight baffle system to it, so it was breezy this morning and I didn't have any wind coming through the front of the jacket. It's been really comfortable wearing a pack. One of the things I've noticed is that my back doesn't get as sweaty with a pack on because it's not like wearing a rain coat where you've got a waterproof/breathable material there. So it's a fleece material that breathes much better. You can take a look and see that the whole back of the jacket is just kind of that comfortable Power Stretch and it does move with you. There's no restriction whatsoever with the jacket. It's got two hand pockets here that are lined with a fleece that have been great when it was chilly this morning. An extra feature for people that are running, or if you're wearing it as a layer in between if you're skiing or cross country skiing, is the thumb hole. So you really can protect the wrists and if you have a glove on with your jacket, not have that open bare skin. The other feature that I love on this jacket is the collar. The collar zips all the way up. It's very high. It comes all the way up to the top of my neck and there is a really soft piece of fleece that covers the zipper so there's nothing digging into my neck whatsoever. It's very flexible. I don't really notice that I have it on and there is a little bit of lightweight Nylon material that Marmot uses, so there's wind protection on the collar all the way around. So this is Marmot's Women's Variant Jacket. It's a very fitted piece. It's a very comfortable piece and it'd be perfect for any sort of Spring or Fall hiking, trail running or as a midlayer for a backpacker or a skier.


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