Marmot Women's Vapor Trail Hoody Video


Today we are going to check out the Women’s Vapor Trail Hoody by Marmot. This is a soft shell piece. It is made from Marmot’s M2 soft shell fabric. What that means is you are going to get a great balance of weather resistance as well as breathability and a bit of thermal insulation with the piece as well. The women’s Vapor Trail Hoody is acceptable for doing a wide range of aerobic activities. It is made from a fairly light weight material. It is going to breathe really well. And you have got these panels here where you see the darker purple color on the back or the arms through the sleeve here and down the sides, super stretch material. So you get a lot of reach and a lot of movement out of this piece. This jacket is not 100 percent water proof, but it is highly water resistant and it does have great breathability. Let’s talk about some of the features that give you some good weather protection. This piece has a nice minimal cuff design. You can see it is a little asymmetrical so it covers the back of the hand. And instead of having a cuff there with Velcro that can snag or get in the way, it has just got a little bit of elastic on the backside. But it draws it in nice around the wrist and gives you a good fit. It has a great hood with some good fit to it, three point adjustability. So you can make adjustments at the back of the hood to change for volume as well as adjustments around the face if the weather is really bad. This jacket does have some other features for comfort as well as convenience. The inside of the jacket is lined with a soft wicking material here. It gives you a little bit of that thermal insulation, but not too much, so it is still going to be ok to use in high aerobic activities. But it gives you a nice feel and it will help manage moisture. You can see you do have an extra pocket here on the inside. It does have a port here if you are listening to music and you want to run a headphones out of the port, you can easily do that there. You do have a full front zipper which is nice and it comes all the way up to the hood and then you have got a couple of different pockets here, so give people a little bit of room for storage as well as a fourth pocket here on the sleeve which is just large enough to throw in the keys or Chapstick. A couple of extra things to note. Jacket does have dual adjustable draw cord hem so you can really cinch that in and draw things in tight. And it uses Marmot’s angel wing movement which means you get a lot of good reach with the jacket without it riding up and without the sleeves moving around. And it is an athletic cut. So you should be able to layer light weight base layers underneath of it, but not a whole lot more.


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