Marmot Womens Quasar Hoody Video


We are taking a closer look at the Marmot Quasar hoody. This is an ultra light weight 900 fill goose down jacket. This would be a great piece by itself if you are in sort of milder cold weather conditions, but it would also be great to layer with if you are wearing a base layer and a shell over top. This jacket packs down into its pocket which makes it great for backpacking and climbing when you need to stow away your extra layer and bring it out later when it gets cold. The entire construction of this jacket is meant to be ultra light weight and super simple. If you look at the outer fabric this is an ultra light weight {?} which keeps the weight down and really reflects your heat back to you when you are wearing it. If you look at the pockets, they are very simple and straightforward. You just have three pockets here. Two hand warmers and one chest pocket big enough for a cell phone. Since the jacket is meant to be light weight and packable, it actually packs down into your left hand pocket. This is a great feature for when you are backpacking or climbing and you just need to stow it away when you are not wearing it. So now I have the jacket packed down and you can see how small and compressible that is. There is a two way zipper on that chest pocket so you can really zip that down. There is a hang loop so you can even hang that on a harness if you might use it right away. You don’t want to put it in your back pack. Because of this jacket is a regular fit. So you can definitely wear layers underneath of it and have plenty of room. Right now I am wearing a medium and a small would fit me a lot better, especially in the arms in the sleeves and in the hem. If you look at the hem and the cuffs you just have a stretching lycra on the cuffs and around the hood. Down at the bottom you have a elastic draw cord and if you cinch that down the cord does just sit in the pocket so you don’t have it dangling down below you. And this definitely traps in heat. If you are wearing a harness the jacket doesn’t go out of the bottom. You take a look at the hood. There is one peripheral cord that you can really cinch down the hood. As you can see it is a pretty tight fitting hood, so this does not go over top of a helmet, but I can see it fitting underneath a helmet pretty well. With its ultra lightweight design and simple features, this is a jacket you can take any-where.


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