Marmot Women's Prodigy Jacket Video


This is the women’s Prodigy jacket by Marmot. This is a highly breathable, highly wind proof soft shell jacket. You have a bunch of features that make this really great for any winter aerobic activity. You have really great stretch under the arms which gives it great range of motion for climbing, backpacking, hiking or even wearing day to day. This is not a waterproof piece but this soft shell fabric is going to shed a light rain or snow really well. So it works really great, you know, in aerobic activity where you want something that is going to breathe really well. I mentioned the fabric under the arms. This is a little bit lighter weight fabric than in the top. It is less wind proof, but you don’t need that wind proofing underneath the arms. You have that on the top on the front and on the back of the jacket. So I am just going to open it up. You can look at the inside. There is sort of three panels going on. You have this front panel that is really light weight fleece material and that is also it comes back around the neck. That is going to breathe really well and it is going to wick sweat as well. So, you know, during aerobic activity, you start to sweat. It is going to wick that moisture away. I mentioned that the really stretchy area under the arms. This allows for a full range of motion. So it is a great piece for climbing, for backpacking, whatever. And then this back panel you can see a lighter fabric there and that is ... that is a wind stopper fabric so that is going to hold up really well. You also have the wind stopper fabric on the front panel on the inside of the pockets on the front. So really durable, really wind proof, but also offers great breathability. You have pretty standard pocketing on the Prodigy jacket. You have two hand warmer pockets in the front. And they are lined with that wind stopper fleece. So really nice feel on the inside of those pockets. You have a chest pocket big enough for a cell phone or a chapstick, you know, pretty small pocket there. And then on the inside you have a media pocket and there is a little port for ear buds. Again, it is very soft fabric on the inside, so it is media friendly. You do have a storm flap behind the zipper so that also aids in the wind proof aspect of this jacket. And you have an elastic cord that runs the whole way down the hem and that is actually adjusted inside the front pocket so you can actually, you know, pull that and adjust it from inside the pocket and you have that cord. You don’t have that cord dan-gling down on the sides. You just have that right inside the pocket. So that is a nice fea-ture of this jacket as well. On the cuffs you do have a Velcro cuff so you can really cinch that down and see the wind stopper logo there. But, yeah, it can really cinch down the cuff, you know, to pre-vent wind if you are wearing a glove over top or even if you have a glove underneath you can form a gasket there. All in all the prodigy jacket is another very stylish offering by Marmot.


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