Marmot Women's PreCip Jacket Video


I am wearing the Marmot Women’s Precip jacket. This is a waterproof rain shell that has been in Marmot’s line since 2001, so it is tried and true and they have been making im-provements along the way. Now it is lighter weight and more breathable than ever before and Marmot basically is using their NanoPro fabric, which as you move and as you sweat, this piece is going to breathe, so it is going to keep you drier from the inside. But it is ful-ly waterproof and fully seam taped. So it is going to keep you dry from the outside as well. The smaller attentions to detail and the many features of this jacket really add a lot of value. So starting with the full length zipper you have a storm flap in front of the zipper and there is just Velcro closures on the outside. As you unzip there is actually a snap at the bottom, so that just gives it a little bit more security there. But full length zipper, easy on, easy off. Down at the hem you have a single draw cord at the hem. So that keeps the jacket light weight, but you can really cinch that down if you need to, if you are wearing a backpack or a climbing harness. You can cinch the bottom of that jacket down. On the sleeves you just have simple Velcro cuffs on either side and two hand level pockets. And the jacket actually stuffs down into one of those pockets. Moving up to the arm you have extra breathability under your arm with the pit zips. They are really easy to use and they are low profile so they don’t get in the way. The collar and the hood is actually my favorite part of this jacket. Right now I have the hood rolled up into the collar of the jacket and this is nice for when you just want to wear as a regular jacket or a windbreaker and you don’t necessarily want that big hood in the way. So it easily comes out. There is just a simple Velcro closure and you just unroll that hood. And there is two points of adjustability in the face and in the volume of the hood. And the collar is actually separated from the actual hood so you have this separate collar and hood. And the point of adjustability around the face is just a simple stretchy draw cord. You can adjust that down around your face and there is a Velcro tab in the back that adjusts the volume of the hood. So right now I have it back to where I would want it, but if you are wearing a helmet or, you know, a climbing helmet or a biking helmet, you can actually adjust volume of the hood to make it a little bit bigger. So you can see that really adjusts up to be a lot bigger. As far as the fit and feel of this jacket, it feels really light weight on. And I am currently wearing a small and I wear smalls in most other brands in jackets similar to this. And I do have a lot of room to move in this jacket. So if you are going to be wearing insulating lay-ers or heavier layers underneath of it, it will probably stay true to size, but if you are only going to be wearing a light weight t-shirt, like I am today, you may want to go down in size as it is a little bit roomy. We mentioned earlier that the jacket stuffs down into one of the hand pockets, the left side pocket. I just want to show you how easy it is to stuff it down. Basically you just turn the pocket inside out. It is a stretchy mesh pocket and you unjust take bits of the jacket and stuff it right in there. This is really useful when you are backpacking and when it is a nice day like this. You don’t have to get your jacket out. You can easily store it in-side your backpack. And there is also a little tab that you can attach it to a climbing har-ness if you need to, so you can stuff it down. That also shows you how light weight and packable the jacket is. So with that fully wa-terproof protection just the light weight breathable qualities and how small it packs down, you are going to be confident with this jacket on the trail, but also day to day. It is the Women’s Marmot Precip jacket.


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