Marmot Women's PreCip Jacket 2013 Video


The Women's PreCip Jacket by Marmot is a waterproof, breathable rain jacket. Its been in Marmot's line for about 10 years and has very few changes made to it. It was kind of done right the first time and hasnt needed a lot of updates. It's very lightweight, very packable, it's going to be perfect for anyone who's hiking or backpacking. It's loaded with features that someone who's spending time in the outdoors is going to love. So let me show you some of the great features on the Women's PreCip Jacket. We'll start with this full front zipper and Marmot puts these nice Velcro tabs here so secures those on the front of the jacket very nice. So you've got a full front zipper here. I do want to point out that Marmot puts a double storm flap over this zipper. This is a really nice feature, especially if you're out in wet weather and especially if it's windy. It's going to be hard for that water to get inside both of those storm flaps and through the zipper. So that's a really nice feature there. It also has two hand pockets at the base of the jacket. They each are zippered and also have a piece of Velcro on either side to secure that storm flap and keep water out of the pockets. For ventilation, Marmot puts a nice pit zip under the arm of the jacket, so you can open that up fully. You have a single zipper here. It's easy to work, get a little extra ventilation there. The cuff on the sleeve of this jacket has some elastic here, it's very comfortable against the wrist. And then you're going to have a Velcro tab so you can adjust this around your hand, cinch it down pretty small. It's going to keep some extra rain and wind out. or you could open it the whole way if you're looking to get some extra ventilation. The bottom of this jacket has a hem drawcord that runs the length of the jacket. It's on here on the right side you have a single drawcord toggle adjustment so that is also going to give you some ability to control what you're keeping out of the jacket and what you're keeping in as far as ventilation and wet weather go. The PreCip jacket is a waterproof breathable and it uses Marmot's PreCip Dry Touch technology. That's what we're looking at here, the inside of the jacket. You can see a little bit of a pattern there. This is reinforced with ceramic particles that add to the durability of the jacket as well as Marmot has taped all of the interior seams. This is where you're getting your waterproofness from, from the taped seaming as well as the waterpoofness of the fabric and that breathability. That Dry Touch fabric also tends to not get as clammy. It's soft against the skin. Doesn't stick to the skin and it's a little bit easier to get mobility while you have the jacket on, even if warmer weather. One of the best features on the PreCip Jacket has to be the hood. You've got full adjustability here and a stiffened brim and really good fit. And you get that with these three adjustment points. So we start in the back and you've got a Velcro pull and a Velcro tab. So this allows you to adjust the volume of the hood, which determines how far forward that brim sits over your eyes. So if you open it up all the way, we don't really Velcro it to anything, you get a deep hood. This is going to be great for really wet and windy weather where you're trying to keep that stuff from coming in at your face. Maybe it's just a bit windy or lightly raining outside, you can kind of reduce the volume of the hood, sit this back on the face a little bit and get a better view. The other two adjustment points here are going to be down here along the face as you can see Marmot's done a really nice job with this. This is very clean on the outside. You see nothing here, it's clean seaming so we open it up inside these storm flaps are your drawcord adjustments. So you've got some simple pulls here around the face you can adjust them. There's a little anchor point here that secures those ends. And it's inside these storm flaps. So you're not getting anything blowing in your face, or kicking you in the face or hanging outside the jacket. So on the inside here you've got nothing against the face. A nice DriClime chin guard here it's going to be very comfortable to wear this hood. And with those 3 adjustment points you can really set this jacket up snug so when you turn your head sideways, the jacket hood moves with you instead of you turning your head inside the hood and just looking at the inside of your hood. I'd also like to mention that it has a stand-up collar on the inside of the hood and an extra little feature here, if you lay that hood flat. And you do a couple roll ups, you've got that Velcro tab that we used for the volume adjustment earlier and Marmot puts a little tab on the back of that collar. So if you slide that Velcro piece through, and attach it, and it's basically a quick way to roll that hood up and get it out of the way. So now you have a nice clean collar around the jacket and you don't have to have that hood in the way if you don't need it. The PreCip Jacket also has drop-shoulder seaming so you don't have any seams here on the section where a pack strap would sit on the shoulder across the front, across the shoulder on the back. It's a clean design and you're not going to get any rub or wear points there. The final feature I'd like to point out is the PreCip Jacket does pack into its own hand pocket and here that's on the left side. You take a look inside the pocket, you see a tab as well as here's our external zipper and another internal zipper. That's a good way to identify that this is the pocket the jacket stuffs into. Once you get it in, you'll see that what was the internal zipper now becomes the external zipper. go ahead and zip it up. Here's your tab loop in case you want to attach it to the outside of a pack. So that's going to be the basic size of it packed up. And it's pretty perfect for going in a pack or a suitcase . It's the Women's PreCip Jacket.


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