Marmot Womens Nanowick Jacket Video


I am wearing the Women’s Nanowick jacket by Marmot. This is an extremely lightweight pocket jacket. Pocket jacket means it is going to stuff into its own pocket and pack up into such a tight little bundle that you can easily stick it in the pocket of your backpack or another jacket or your glove compartment or wherever you want to have this little piece. It weighs in at only 4.6 ounces and while it is not waterproof, it is highly water resistant. It is also wind resistant. But instead you get this amazing breathability with it. It is going to be the perfect piece to wear in like spring, summer, fall seasons when you want to go out, you are doing a fast sport. So you are running. You are mountain biking. You are hiking. Your doing an ultra run. You want a little bit of weather protection, a little bit of wind protection. But you need that increased breathability. Aside from being extremely packable and ultra light and offering that wind resistance as well as some weather resistance and increased breathability, the nanowick portion of this jacket actually comes from a fabrication used on the inside. You can see here just across the chest and the top of the arm here you have got a very ultra light version Marmot’s dry clime fabric. And what this does is it allows moisture to be constantly moved away from the core of the body where you are putting out the most sweat and the most heat, moving it through the jacket and passing it off so it dries really quickly. Feature set on this jacket is meant to be minimal and simple. So you have a single chest pocket here. Jacket does pack into this pocket for storage. You have got a full front zip-per. You have got a single hem draw cord here as well as a full front zipper that comes up into the collar. And you have got a bit of adjustability in the collar so you can cinch it in around your neck.


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