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Marmot Women's Gravity Jacket

Marmot Women's Gravity Jacket


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Today I am wearing the women's Gravity Jacket by Marmot and it is a perfect piece to wear on a day like to today. It is February and it is in the mid to low 30's with a bit of a breeze. I like to think of this jacket as a perfect three season piece that you can take anywhere and do many things with it. It is a softshell material so you are getting wonderful waterproofness and breathability at the same time. Outside of wearing this in a complete downpour you are going to stay dry in a piece like this, but I think of this as a piece that you can wear in the snow. It is going to brush off snow really well and it is not going to absorb any moisture. This softshell material has some stretch built into it the sleeves and you can really feel it across the chest. When I stretch my shoulders out I can feel it across my back. It is really comfortable and it works well for layering. Just to give you a look at the inside of the jacket, you do have an inside zippered pocket and the whole inside of the jacket is lined with a stretch tricot lining which is like a microfleece so it is soft and comfortable and definitely adds a layer of warmth to the jacket. It is not an insulated piece so one of the reasons that I am wearing it today is because we are out for a hike so I am moving and doing some hills. If I was wearing a piece that had actual insulation in it, like a down or synthetic, I would probably overheat a lot. So a piece like this is perfect because it is quite chilly out and there is a bit of wind and I don’t feel any of the wind through this jacket. It does a great job of that but it is breathing much better than a full hardshell or a piece of rainwear would breathe. So when I am truckin up a hill, I am not overheating the way that I would in that kind of a shell.


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