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Marmot Women's Dena Jacket

Marmot Women's Dena Jacket


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So I'm wearing Marmot's Women's Dena Jacket. This is a really lightweight piece of insulation. It's their Thermal R Eco. It's a synthetic. And it's extremely lightweight and warm. And I can attest to that because today we've been out shooting video and while there's not snow on the ground, and it looks like it might be kind of nice out here, it's not. It is cold and damp and chilly and we came out here to shoot video of this and I've been wearing it the entire day instead because I can't stay warm and I've been completely comfortable since I put it on. You do have this lightweight hood, fits very comfortably. It's very soft. You have two hand warmer pockets. Just this elastic piece at the cuff so it fits very well. A very soft, comfortable piece. You've got a little chest pocket here to store chapstick or a cell phone or something in it. Other than that, it packs up super small. There is an inside pocket here. It's a little bit larger than the one on the front of the chest. It doesn't pack into a pocket, it doesn't have a zippered pocket that it goes into, but it compresses really small. I think you could put it into a stuff sack or I would probably try rolling it into the hood. It seems like a great piece to throw in the pack for any activity like hiking, climbing, even biking. I think I would throw this in a pannier and drag it out when I stop for a break if it was chilly and cold. It's the Women's Dena Jacket by Marmot.


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