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Marmot Women's Ama Dablam Jacket Video


I am wearing the Women’s Ama Dablam jacket by Marmot. This is a lofty and very warm jacket that is filled with high quality, 800 fill powered goose down. So it is ultra compressible, it is compact and it is light weight. But when you put it on you are going to warm up really quickly. I can see this being great for backpacking or climbing, mountaineering when you want an extra layer that you can pack down and throw in your pack or just wear and put on when you start to get chilly. The outer shell is an ultra lightweight polyester rip stop fabric that has a durable water repellent finish. So it is going to stand up to, you know, a light snow or a light rain pretty well, but it is definitely not a water proof option by any means. It also happens to be down proof fabric, so that definitely keeps the down where it should be. It keeps it from poking through the fabric from either coming through or poking through the inside. So that is definitely a great feature about this shell fabric. And I can definitely see you being able to put a shell over top so when the weather gets bad and you need that extra shell over top the jacket itself is low profile enough to certainly be able to put something over top of it. You have got a lot of features for such a light weight jacket. So starting with a full length zipper, you have a nice chin guard up here. It is really soft. So when you have everything zipped up it is not going to irritate your chin or your face. A full length zipper. And you have a storm flap behind that zipper. Down at the bottom hem you have got two adjustment points for a draw cord, so you can really cinch that down to keep your heat in. And the back of the jacket has a drop hem so that is nice when you are either hiking or backpacking or climbing, bending over, moving around. You have that dropped hem in the back. You have two nice hand warmer pockets and they are lined with a very comfortable fleece so, you know, for chilly hands you put your hands in the pockets there. And the cinch cord that goes around the hem, actually goes into the pockets so you don’t have a cinch cord hanging down. This stores really nicely inside that pocket. You have an interior pocket which is pretty big. So the actual jacket stuffs down into that pocket and I can see you being able to throw a pair of gloves in there or a hat easily, you know, or to keep the things close at hand. You also have a small pocket here on the arm. Moving up to the hood you have a fully baffled, really comfortable hood and you have got two adjustment points, one around the face and one around the back. So you can really cinch that down, really warm and really comfortable. My first impression of this jacket: the fit and feel is really nice. It feels really true to size, but I also feel like I can get some more layers underneath of it if I, you know, you really need to layer up. And as I mentioned before, it is low profile enough that you can put a shell over top of it and not feel too bulky. Some extra features: You do have a lot of stretch on the cuffs. So, you know, you have got Velcro there to cinch it down, but if you want to wear gloves underneath you definitely have enough room there. If you want to cinch it down and put the glove over top or just to really trap in that heat, you have a really nice adjustment on the cuffs. And you have Marmot’s angel wing movement so you have enough room in your arms that, you know, if you are doing active pursuits, moving your arms around, the jacket doesn't feel like it is going to ride up really high on your waist and let cold air in. And you also have that dropped hem in that back, so, you know, definitely great for active pursuits. The jacket does stuff into the chest pocket here. So we are going to stuff it down just to see how small and compact that is. We have got the jacket compressed down into the chest pocket. So the stuff pocket in there. And as you can see, it packs down to be pretty small for how lofty and how warm the jacket is. You can see that high quality 800 fill down compresses to be pretty small. So just to give you an idea of the pack size there. You have the double zipper and then even a little webbing loop there if you need to attach it to a harness or something like that. All in all, with the high quality 800 fill down, all of its features, you are sure to stay cozy warm in this jacket when the weather gets cold. It is the Marmot Ama Dablam jacket.


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