Marmot Women's Ama Dablam Jacket 2013 Video


I'm wearing the Ama Dablam Women’s Jacket by Marmot. This is an insulated jacket, it is insulated with 800 fill power down so it’s very compressible, it's very light weight, it's going to be alterable for a piece that packs up small that they can put into their pack take it to the back country or for anyone who is looking for a piece to wear in general day to day wearing cold weather. Aside from the down insulation and the great compressible you get out of this jacket it is fully featured. You've got a full front zipper. It is a two way zipper, so for folks that a looking for a jacket, potentially a blade jacket or something to thrown on their pack if they are climbing you need quick access to a harness this jacket does offer that two- way. It can also work for someone who is back packing, if you like tacking your hip underneath the jacket for a little bit of #00:00:43-9# in cold winter back packing weather. At the top of the zipper on the inside flap there is a storm flap here behind the zipper to keep cold air from going through. This part is lined with dry climb it's the part that sits up against your chin. The way it's soft it doesn't really chaff against the chin in cold weather. It does have a fully adjustable hood as well. You've got draw chords on either side of the hood here. That are going to cinch in around the face as well as a draw chord at the back that pulls on the side of the hood. It is a fairly large hood. You could probably fit a low profile helmet under it and you can easily fit any sort of a hat or bowler #00:01:20-8# under it as well. This jacket has four pockets on it. You have a small pocket here on the side of the arm with zipper closure. It's just enough to throw maybe your chop stick or your keys into. Inside the jacket you do have a very large zippered pocket. It's big enough that you can easily throw a hat or an extra pair of gloves in there. Something you wanted to dry out or energy bars if they are frozen. This jacket does pack into this pocket when you turn it inside out; I'll show you how to do that a little bit later but it does have that double zipper so you can easily pack this jacket in there and stuff it away in your pack when it's not in use. Jacket also has two hand warmer hand pockets. By hand warmer mean that the inside of this pockets are lined with a really soft wicking fleece so it offers some real comfort for cold fingers. There are dual hand draw chords here at the bottom of the jacket. Runs a full length around it and there are adjustments to tighten that from the inside the pocket so you just kind of give them a tag when your hands are in the pocket so that you can snag up that hem and seal out cold air and snow. I mentioned earlier that the women’s Ama Dablam Jacket packs into that inside pocket. Here it is packed up and you can see there is a little tab on the end here if you wanted to clip it somewhere to secure it a little bit better. You can compress it even a little bit more than this, maybe if you had it in a compression stuff back sac but it does make a nice little package.


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