Marmot Women's Accelerator Hoody Video


I am wearing the Marmot Women’s Accelerator hoody. This is a midweight piece that is going to be great when you are spending long days on the trail doing aerobic activity. It stretches with you, it moves with you and it is just going to be a great piece when you need an extra layer on those cool days. The fabrics of this jacket are really soft, comfortable and stretchy. It was the first thing I noticed. Putting it on it fits tight to the body, but it is really stretchy and really comforta-ble. There is mesh venting in the back of this jacket which gives you added comfort so you don’t overheat under a backpack or under a hydration pack. So the material is going to wick away sweat and it is just going to be really breathable as well. All of the seams are bonded and so you don’t have a lot of stitch lines. And where you can experience hot spots or chafing when you are running or spending a lot of time in this piece, that is eliminated by this bonded stitching. There is a silicon grip printing on the shoulders of this jacket and it just gives a little bit of added grip when you are wearing a backpack or a hydration pack and areas that may... in your backpack may rub or move as you are moving. That is going to give it a little bit more stability. It also gives more dura-bility to the jacket itself. So against backpack straps that could be harsh on the materials, it is going to hold up really well to that. In line with the light weight stream lined design of this jacket you just have one full length zipper, easy on, easy off. It is a pretty small, light weight zipper. You do have re-flective piping on either side of the zipper. That gives an added safety feature. There is also a reflective hit on the arm as well. And you just have one pocket here on the arm. Now this is a media friendly pocket, so it does have a pass through for ear buds or head phones. It is a pretty small pocket, big enough for keys an energy gel or an mp3 player. You have got thumb holes for chilly hands. There is a soft shin chin guard at the top of the zipper so when you need to zip it all the way up and use the low profile hood to really trap in that heat. The hood covers your hears and has just stretchy lycra around the hood for a really soft feel. Surprisingly enough, this piece has a UPF rating of 50. So I can see it being great if you are kayaking, climbing or biking when you know you are going to be spending a full day in full sun. The fit and feel of this jacket are pretty spot on. I am wearing a small and I normally wear smalls in other brands. It fits really well. It does fit close to the body, so it is meant to be snug. It is not meant to wear layers underneath of it, so I could see it fitting will with just a tank top or a light weight t-shirt. Again, this is going to be the perfect midweight piece when you need an extra layer that is going to protect you from cold and wind. It is the Marmot Women’s Accelerator hoody.


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