Marmot Variant Jacket Video


Marmot's Variant Jacket is a hybrid piece. It's kind of a combination of a couple different pieces that you might want when it's cold weather. Anything for an aerobic activity when there's a little bit of a chill in the air. So we've got two different color blocks here. As you can see, we've got black that runs on the sleeves and the shoulders, also on the back of the jacket. That is PolarTec Powerstretch so you've got a very stretchy fleece with a smooth face on it that provides a moderate amount of warmth. And then right here in the core, in this green area, this is baffled almost like a vest and it's filled with Marmot's Thermal R insulation. It's a synthetic insulation. Very kind of low loft staying close to the body, but definitely providing a lot of warmth in that core area. On the inside, we've got a single zippered pocket here. And on the outside, a nice sleek profile, you've got two fleece-lined hand pockets. Other than that, it's a pretty simple jacket. I like it as as layering piece. It goes great if you're going to wear it under a hardshell, giving you a little bit of insulation down the arms where you oftentimes don't need a lot and a lot around the core, which is great. It also has great little thumb holes at the end of the sleeves, so your jacket doesn't ride up on you. I also like these when I'm tucking it into a glove. I find that they go in great to keep that palm area and give a nice smooth transition where you can't get snow or wind up the sleeve. So the Variant Jacket is a really useful piece from Marmot and one that we all really like a lot.


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