Marmot Trestles 15 Degree Sleeping Bag Video


We are going to take a look at the Marmot Trestles 15 degree sleeping bag. This is a three season sleeping bag rated to 15 degrees. It is a synthetic bag. It weighs in around three pounds, 14 ounces. So it is not going to be the lightest bag, but it is affordable and it is a good option for someone who is just starting out back packing or someone who doesn't go very often and doesn’t want to spend an arm and a leg just to have a 15 degree sleep-ing bag. It is also going to be perfect for folks that are doing some car camping or general travel. Marmot uses their proprietary spyrofill. It is a synthetic insulation so the bag is going to be really suitable for use in damp condition or humid conditions. And they do a wave construction so you don’t have any cold spots designed through the bag. The key kind of feature here with the trestle series bags are going to be their dual sider zips. So on one side of the bag you have a long traditional style full length zipper. On the other side of the bag you have a quarter zip and you can see that when I fold this back. You have got the bag zips to here. So this is nice, because if you are using it in warmer temperatures or around camp if it is chilly, you can kind of fold that back, sit at camp, sit in the tent and have access without your arms being pinned in the bag. It is also nicer for people that want a little bit more room to move around and are camping in warmer weather. So while we are here I will note that Marmot does put a nice stash pocket on the inside of the bag here. It is going to be a great place to keep things that, you know, maybe like your camera or phone where the batteries get drained really quick if the weather is cooler. So you can keep them in your bag with you or items that you get to quick in the middle of the night. And they have labeled it so it is easy to see and find. You have got your classic Marmot hood design here. You have got a great baffle design through the hood. You can see you have got a lot of different baffles and chambers. So you are going to get a really nice ergonomic fit out of it as well as their feely draw cords. So one is flat and one is round, easy to tell which cord is going to do which part of the face closure at night in the dark. And you have got one that works the top of the head and one that works under the chin. And you have got a nice insulated little bit of a collar here that keeps all these toggles and zippers away from your face in the middle of the night for comfort. Marmot does incorporate their classic trapezoidal foot box design. So you can see that there is dimensionality to the foot box here. It is going to mean your feet are going to be a little bit more comfortable at night, have more room to move around, but it is still fairly thermally efficient. They have added two hang loops here for either storage or hanging the bag up if you are drying it should it get wet. And you can see at the side here. Here is the end of that full length zipper. You have got a good foot or so of space here without zipper access. So that full length zipper does not come around the foot box. That does not offer good thermal efficiency for a 15 degree bag. So Marmot ends the zipper here. You get that nice full design in the foot box. It is going to keep your feet toasty at night, but that full length zipper is a two way design so you can see there is another zip at the bot-tom her. It allows you to vent on warmer nights and gives you easy access if you want to throw your feet out there for a little too warm. Trestles 15 degree sleeping bag does come with a compression stuff sack. You can see here I have got it crushed down. It could probably get a little smaller with some extra work. It is not the smallest compressible bag and it is not the lightest bag. But it is a really good option for anybody who is doing three season camping or backpacking. You don’t want to spend a ton of money. You do want a good quality bag. You are looking for something that is synthetic as well. It is the Marmot Trestles 15 degree.


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