Marmot Traillight 2P Backpacking Tent Video


The Traillight 2P is a new offering from Marmot. It definitely packs a lot of value into a package that sits right around 5 pounds. What you get at that 5 pound weight is a full-coverage fly. It's got a vestibule here on the front. The back side has access, but it doesn't have much of a vestibule to speak of. It helps keep weight down, but it also gives you a tent that nobody has to crawl over anybody in the middle of the night if you're using this as a true, two-person tent. So there are some weight-saving features there but still some convenience built in. The Traillight has a nice body here. You can see you've got some mesh paneling underneath where the fly and vestibule would sit. You've also got a big, D-shaped door here. So you've got good mesh here in the door, makes sure you have nice breathability in warmer weather. This is a 3-season tent, so certainly spring, summer and fall you'll get good use out of this piece. A couple of the nice touch-points that carry through from some of Marmot's other tents is your zipper points here are all soft, so they don't jingle in the wind. You do have color-coding on the corners where the fly snaps in. So you do keep some of those touch-point features that Marmot includes in their other tents, even though this is a value-based piece. Marmot does a nice touch here on the corners. They color-correspond the fly with the tent body. So you can see these two red tabs. You've got a nice red tab on the tent here. That lets you know that this is the front side of the fly and this is the corner that needs to correspond with the tent. A couple other nice touch-points here, you've got reflectivity built into the guyline points and also this logo on the side pop out really nice and bright if you're using a headlamp around camp, so you don't bump into or trip over your guylines. Reflectivity is also built into the cords that are on the zippers and the toggle hold-backs here. As I peel back this fly, you'll see we have some ventilation built into the body of the tent, nice low-placed mesh. That keeps air that's moving along the ground, coming into the tent. You've got high-placed mesh that will help get any heat and condensation out of the tent if it's humid or muggy. And that helps keep the environment inside the tent nice and cool. So on the back side of the Traillight, we've got this nice ventilation at the top. We've got some wind coming from the front side of the tent today you can see it's blowing out and keeps a breeze moving through the tent, which is really important in warmer weather. It's got a small Velcro Delrin rod here that you can just snap away, flatten that down when you don't need it. You've also got what I'm going to call a micro-vestibule. It's not much space in the back side of this tent, just a little bit of a void created by the space between the fly and the body, but as I pull this away you can see you've got maybe 6 to 8 inches of stand-off there. It's enough to cover a pair of shoes or boots. I think the more important thing is, you do keep that second door so nobody has to crawl over anybody in the middle of the night. So that sums up the Traillight 2P.


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