Marmot Super Mica Jacket Video


I'm here today with Marmot's Super Mica Jacket. The Super Mica is a very lightweight waterproof breathable. It's constructed of Marmot's Membrain material. So again, waterproof and breathable on all the face fabric here. You've got some very nice technical features on this jacket. You've got pit zips that run underneath the arm. You also have a full-length zipper in the front. All of the adjustments are captured here, so your hood adjustments are captured on the inside of the jacket. You've also got a sculpted hood with a single pull adjustment in the back. You can cinch that right around this sculpted brim. So you can really kind of button this thing up should the situation call for it. Some of the stand-out features that make this a great piece for backpacking or dayhiking are these nice contrasting screen printed wear pads up here on the shoulders and down on the sides where the hipbelt of your pack would sit. We'll show you in a moment how these line up with those wear points for a jacket. They're going to give it a little bit more durability than you would typically get with a lightweight rain shell piece. So when you've got a pack on is when the technical features of the Super Mica really shine. We've called out those reinforced areas before. You can see right here, underneath where the shoulder strap wants to lay. Also down here on the side of the torso where the hipbelt wants to wrap. So the two highest wear points of having a pack on your back are covered with this jacket. The pockets are raised up a little bit so they're not going to get in the way of your hipbelt, which is nice. And again that pit zip venting allows you to keep things nice and cool, even if you are moving at a fast and light sort of pace.


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