Marmot Super Mica Jacket Video


I am wearing Marmot’s Super Mica jacket, one of my favorite backpacking shells. At 8.7 ounces it is really, really light weight. It is really packable, but it has got some really smart features that are perfect for backpackers. The jacket is constructed of Marmot’s proprietary nanopro membrane fabric so you have got a waterproof, breathable jacket. All of the seams are taped so you know you have got the protection you need even when the weather turns nasty. With weight in mind you can see it is a pretty trim fit on this jacket. I have got a t-shirt underneath it. You could have some light weight base layers underneath it, but all in all, like I said, it is a pretty close fit. It does have Marmot’s angel wing movement construction so you really can move around inside this jacket without it riding up on you and that is certainly a nice fea-ture for on the go usage. As far as adjustability is concerned on the Super Mica, you do have some Velcro cuff treatments. I can kind of cinch that at the wrist. You also have a single pull draw cord at the hem so you can pull that jacket, snug it in at the waist. It also is a hooded jacket. There are dual points of adjustability on the hood as well, back and also at the sides. You do have two front pockets. They are set high so that if you are wearing a backpack or even a climbing harness, for that matter, you would still have access to them even if that backpack or harness were in place. They are open in the back so there is some mesh netting there that actually gives you some breathability when those are open. You also do have integrated pit zips on the jacket so if you do warm up, things start to get stuffy, you can let some of that hot air out. That is a really, really nice touch on a jacket that weighs all of 8.7 ounces. A lot of time when you are dealing with a jacket that is that light weight you are not getting pit zipped. You may even need to skimp on pocketing as far as that goes. Another feature that certainly needs to be touched on with this Super Mica jacket is some of the texturing that you are seeing here on the shoulder and also at the side of the jacket. Can you imagine me wearing a back pack? That waist belt comes right across that textur-ing here, as does the shoulder harness and just bolsters that. So we have got light weight fabrication all throughout, but a little bit more durability at those key wear points. So it is that mix, that combination of light weight construction, packability and then backpacking friendly features that certainly make this a jacket I throw in a pack whether I need it as an emergency shell or I know I am going to be running into rain and definitely going to be taking this in or out of the pack during the trip. It is the Marmot Super Mica jacket.


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