Marmot Super Gravity Jacket Video


I'm wearing the Marmot Super Gravity Jacket, extremely comfortable, excellent warmth in this jacket. It is breathable; it's water resistant and fully windproof. M1 soft shell fabric coupled with Marmot's patented angel wing construction gives really nice range of motion in this jacket. So where you are wearing it for hiking back packing snow sports or just around town usage great comfort the next to skin fill of the interior of this jacket, you get extremely comfortable and provides really nice warmth. The super gravity jacket has a semi relaxed fit so you can wear light weight base layers underneath it. You can also put heavier shells or insulated pieces over the top of it to bolster warmth, again making this super gravity jacket a versatile piece. There are multiple points of adjustability. The sleeves have [velka] adjustments on the cuffs. The hem has adjustability as well to synch in that fit. Super gravity jacket is hooded and there are points of adjustability on the hood as well. Let me show you the pockets on this Super Gravity Jacket, you do have fleece lined hand warmer pockets plus they've got a small zipper fleece lined pocket on the sleeve and an additional pocket on the interior of the jacket. Kind of protects your valuables and again is hidden away from the elements inside. The Super Gravity Jacket from Marmot, really versatile soft shell piece. It's warm it's wind proof, it's water resistant, a great layering option but can also be used as a standalone piece in cold weather.


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