Marmot Spring Glove Video


Marmot's Spring Glove is a lightweight, waterproof/breathable glove. It's suitable for use in 3-seasons, although it's probably going to excel most in Spring and Fall when it's not bitter and cold. It uses Marmot's Membrain waterproof/breathable material to get that waterproofing. As well as a full-leather palm with Marmot's falcon grip so it's going to be excellent for grasping ski poles, ice tools and that sort of thing. You do have some softshell across the back of the hand here, so you have good flexibility and stretch as well as a reinforcement and a little bit of padding across the knuckles. The cuff on the Spring Glove is very fitted. It's snug. You’ve got a single tab here with a piece of Velcro so you can cinch this down tight. It's probably best under a bulky jacket or over a very lightweight jacket. You do have a clip here to attach the gloves together when they're not in use as well as a soft nose wipe on the back of each thumb.


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