Marmot Sawtooth 15 Degree Sleeping Bag Video


This is the Marmot Sawtooth 15 degree sleeping bag. It is one of my favorite though season bags, if nothing else, because it is such a wonderful balance of weight, features and affordability. The Sawtooth 15 will excel at three season camping and backpacking, particularly if you like to go out in the spring and the fall when the temperatures can be a little bit cooler. Marmot uses a 600 goose down fill which allows the bag to be fairly well compressed. So it is definitely going to go inside a backpack. It can easily go car camping with you. It gets you into all of those different ranges of temperatures where you are not sure what you are going to encounter. So let’s cover some of the features on the Sawtooth 15. First off, Marmot uses their stretch {?} baffle design. This means that the baffling inside of the bag where you see these ... this stitching here, it is holding the down in place, has a little bit of stretch to it. That way when you are stuffing and unstuffing the bag in and out of the stuff sack, there is less of a chance that those baffles are going to tear. So you have got some good durability built into the bag there. You find all of the standard features on Marmot sleeping bags you would expect. You have got a full length snag free zipper here. It is very easy to operate. On the inside you will see a nice fat draft tube here along the zipper and these are ground zippers which means they are kind of cut to lay a little bit further over the side of the bag and rest on the ground. This way body heat inside of the bag can’t rise and slowly slip out of that zipper in the middle of the night. The zipper is a two way zipper so you can open it from the bottom as well. If you do need the vent there is a classic trapezoidal Marmot foot box here so you have got tons of space. And it is going to be comfortable for your feet in there at night or, if it is cold, and you are tucking extra gear or a pair of damp socks in there you want to dry out, you have got room for it. And a really nice feature I am going to turn the foot box inside out here and just show you this feature is a little heat pocket so it is a little Velcro tab and extra pocket right in the bottom of the foot box. It is perfect for sticking those little heat pockets in, those little heat pouches. It gives your feet some extra warmth when the temperature really drops. So inside the bag there is a separate draft collar here around the neck. There is a draw cord so you can adjust that and cinch it in at night, hold some extra heat in. It does run around the top of the bag as well. And Marmot has added an extra little zippered sash pocket here in that collar so you have got a place to tuck away an alarm clock or your cell phone or whatever you need to get to quick at night. The hood on the Sawtooth is a nautilus design. It has six separate baffles so you have got some great ergonomics going on in the hood. It is going to give you a nice, snug, tight fit. And just a couple of extra features here, glow in the dark zipper pulls so you can find it in the middle of the night and there is a draw cord around the face as well if it is quite cold and you really want to tighten that in. Marmot includes a stuff sack and a storage sack for the Sawtooth 15. So you can see it easily fits into this stuff sack. If you wanted to buy a compression sack you could definitely get it even smaller. It weighs in at three pounds one ounces. It is the Marmot Sawtooth 15 degree sleeping bag.


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