Marmot ROM Jacket Video


I'm here today with the Marmot ROM Jacket. The name ROM stands for Range of Motion. So with this jacket, you can see you've got this dark blue material on the backs of the arms, underneath the armpit area. What this does, is it gives you a good amount of stretch, so as you move, any aerobic activity, climbing, really anything that you're doing a lot of movement, you have all kinds of freedom of movement without your jacket sleeves pulling up or the bottom wanting to bunch up on you. It's definitely one of the things that you may not notice that often, but once you wear a jacket like this that moves with you, it makes all the difference in the world for your comfort throughout the day. We've got 3 pockets on the jacket – one here on the chest, a great place to tuck a phone. And then two pretty large pockets down here at a normal level. These are mesh-lined, so they're not particularly warm or anything, but they do cut wind because the center portion of this jacket, this light blue that you see is all GORE WINDSTOPPER. The hood on the ROM Jacket is really one of its shining features. It's super-fitted so you've got this nice profile here. You do have adjustment in the back to adjust around the crown of your head. But it's not oversized for a helmet. It's a hood you can put up if it's really windy. If you do need to shed a little bit of rain. It's going to be a water-repellant jacket, not a rain shell, but should conditions turn on you, you've got that hood there to use. Another nice feature is the hood toggles themselves are secured here on the inside of the jacket, that way you don't have anything bouncing around getting in the way. And when you're not using it, it just tucks away. The inside of the ROM Jacket has this wicking mesh lining. You do have one interior zippered pocket here. And also right down here in the bottom, you've got some adjustment points where you can cinch in the bottom of the jacket to keep any breezes out. So that pretty much covers the ROM Jacket.


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