Marmot Plasma 40 Degree Sleeping Bag Video


I'm here today with Marmot's Plasma 40 Degree bag. The Plasma series of bags are kind of famous for being about as technical and lightweight as you can get with sleeping bags currently. The Plasma 40, like the other bags in the line has a fill of 900 fill-power down. That's about as high quality down as you can get. And this shell that you're seeing here is Pertex Quantum, a very technical fabric. It has a slick feel in the hand, very lightweight and does have an extremely durable DWR coating on it. So it is going to repel water to some degree. I wouldn't call it a waterproof bag, but it's going to keep you protected from the occasional spills and splashes. What we've got here, I'm sure you can see and have seen on the other Plasma bags, they have a little bit of a different baffling design. This is a baffling design from Insotect called Flow and you're seeing baffles that run the length of the bag from head to toe rather than from side to side. These baffles are broken into smaller chambers with pretty much a divider in them that allows the heat to transfer up and down throughout the baffle. So the areas in your body that create more heat, like your chest and your feet can kind of share that heat up and down the length of the bag. We've got a sculpted hood that has a real nice tight fit to it. I would call this a bag that has a slimmer cut and definitely done with that in mind to be more thermally efficient. We've got a single draw string here. You can adjust either just the bottom side of the hood or the top side of the hood. And you've got a good range of pull-in on that so even though this is a 40 degree bag, you can still get a nice snug hood fit on it. What you don't give up in the Plasma series bags, even for being extremely lightweight, and carries through on the 40 is a full-length zipper, so I'm going to zip this open here. You can see it's got this nice brilliant red interior. That baffling runs the same on the inside, head to foot. On the inside of the hood, you've got this nice big puff of down that sits in behind the head and definitely keeps you nice and warm if you're going to test the lower limits of this bag. Your zipper all the way down here at the foot is a 2-way zipper, so you do have the option to vent the foot box of this bag if you want to. Give yourself a little bit of ventilation down by the leg. The footbox itself has a nice sculpted feel to it. Plenty of room for your feet down there. Because of the way the baffling wraps around the side and down from the top, it gives a very nice distribution of heat throughout the bottom side of the bag. All of these rolled into that 1 pound, 2.7 ounce package pretty much sum up the Plasma 40. So in the name of thermal efficiency, the Plasma 40 keeps some of the features you'd think you'd find on a colder weather bag. You've got a nice gasket here that sits around the hood that gives you a good fit around your face. We mentioned before the single drawstring pull here. It actually has two different feels to it. One of the cords is a rounded cord that actually adjust the bottom of the bag across the chest so you can pull that so you get a good fit and keep that heat in your torso down here. And the top cord has kind of a flat feel to it and you can use that to cinch down the top portion of your bag. Because this is a warmer weather bag, you're probably not going to get it cinched down as much, but the carry through of those features, if you are testing the lower limits of this bag, or just feeling a bit chilly, it's good to know that you've got that there. Marmot includes a mesh storage bag with the Plasma 40 and also this stuff sack. This is by no means a tight fit in this stuff sack. If you really needed to, you could certainly compress this thing down even more if you needed to, which is impressive.


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