Marmot Plasma 15 Degree Down Sleeping Bag Video


Hi there. I'm currently sitting inside Marmot's Plasma 15 Degree Down Sleeping Bag. This bag is absolutely fantastic. I can't think of enough good things to say about it. One of the stand-out things about it is going to be the weight. We're looking at 1 pound, 14 ounces on the regular and 2 pounds on the long. And keep in mind, this is for a 15 Degree bag. So the most unique story to go with the Plasma Bags here is going to be the vertical baffling. You can see it here. There are long chambers of baffling that run from the top of the bag all the way to the foot box. What Marmot's done is they've created these long, tubular baffles and then within them blocking off different sections are gates. These gates keep the down from traveling from this end to that end so it stays in intervals here. What that does, is it gives you a more even warmth all over throughout the bag because the down cannot move around. One of the other things is in a transition to this long baffle system versus your traditional horizontal baffle system, this contours to the body a bit better and gives an overall better warmth as well as comfort to spending a night in the bag. Another unique feature of the Plasma Bag that Marmot's done here is in the foot box design. It's a wrap-around baffle. It starts here. It's about this wide. Runs completely around the bottom of the foot box and wraps to the other side. What this does is, you still get that box construction so your feet are going to be comfortable you have plenty of space. But you get a more even baffling insulation effect around your feet so technically this should be keeping your feet warmer and being comfortable and having the space there for your feet at the same time. Marmot did not skimp on this bag in any way, shape or form. They've used a 900 fill-power down, so this is the highest quality of down in this bag. It's getting the weight down there, you're getting that high loft, that good insulation value. But what you don't miss out on is a full-length zipper. There's no three-quarter or half-length zipper here. You're going to get the whole full zipper. On the inside of the bag, you get a draft collar that runs around the neck. It does have an adjustable cinch here as well as snaps on the ends so you can completely tighten that in around the neck. You do get a full baffle draft tube along that full-length zipper as well as a sculpted hood and Marmot's added a little extra down in here behind the hood; it kind of makes a nice pillow. So you've got a great feature set here in a bag that goes to 15 degrees. It's very light, compresses very small for its weight. It's the Plasma 15 Degree Down Bag by Marmot. This is the Marmot Plasma 15 packed up. It does come with this stuff sack. I think if you put it in a compression bag, you could get it a little smaller, but it was a snug fit and I'd say if you purchase this bag, you can count on this being the size of the bag as far as it going into a pack when it's packed up. Marmot also includes a storage sack for storing the Plasma when it's not in use.


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