Marmot Plasma 0 Degree Sleeping Bag Video


This is the Plasma Zero Degree. This is the coldest bag so far that Marmot has designed in their Plasma series of bags. And the real interesting great technology incorporated here is going to be the insotech flow vertical baffle system. You can see it has got these long sweeping vertical baffles that run down the length of the bag versus your classic horizontal baffle system. What this does is it increases the thermal efficiency of the bag, but it doesn’t add any extra weight. So the Plasma Zero weighs in at two pounds seven ounces for a zero degree sleeping bag. We have got 900 fill powered goose down in here. Makes it ultra compressible and it is extremely light weight. I mean, you are going to be able to take this bag in the back coun-try and it is going to take up the same kind of size and weight in your pack that your, you know, 15 degree bag used to take up. So I mentioned how ultra light and compressible this bag is due to that 900 fill power goose down as well as the vertical baffling system. We have also got some really nice fabrication on the exterior and interior of this bag. We have got Purtex Quantum rib stop. And this stuff is just super buttery soft and very luxurious feel to it with ultra light and some great durability to it for being as light weight as it is. The bag itself has a full length zipper design. We will open it up here. You have got your no snag zippers that work really well. Easy to operate. You have got a great draft, too. I mean, you look at the ... just look at the loft of the down in this piece. Because it is a zero degree bag, Marmot does include that insulated draft collar inside. And you have got a snap, a series of snaps here so you can kind of close that off and real-ly seal it in. And inside you also have a draw cord so you can cinch that whole collar in around your neck and really keep that heat trapped inside the bag. You do have insulated collars around the face as well and cords to adjust that under the chin and over the top of the head. At the hood here you have got a couple of different chambers with down in it. So it is extremely lofty, very comfortable, also ergonomics. It is going to fit well to your head in cold temperatures and you can see you have got a nice wide offering at the shoulders and those vertical baffles are kind of ... flow into that real easily. So you get a good fit and it tapers as you go down towards the feet. So it is a traditional sound mummy bag. I mentioned earlier that full length zipper. It is a two way zipper so you can unzip it from the bottom here as well if you need to vent, you know, on a warmer night or a warmer evening. And you will note here as Marmot does on all of their cold weather and thermal-ly efficient bags that full length zipper does not extend all the way to the bottom of the foot box. That would eliminate some of the thermal efficiency in the bag here. So you have got their classic trapezoidal foot back design. You can see there is true dimension-ality to it as well as a couple of separate baffles there. It is going to offer a little bit more comfort for your feet at night, a little bit more natural resting position as well as all that great thermal efficiency we mentioned earlier. And there are two hang loops here. You can use it for storing the bag or for drying it out should it ever get wet or need to be washed. Plus, the Zero does come with a stuff sack. You can see I have got it stuffed up here. It was not easy to get it in there, but it will go in there. If you purchase this bag, I would definitely consider getting a compression stuff sack for it. I think it would go down pretty easily and you could compress it a little bit smaller than this with the compression sack. You can take a look at it there. And, remember, it is two pounds seven ounces for a zero degree bag. It is the Marmot Plasma Zero Degree down filled sleeping bag.


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