Marmot NanoWave 55 Degree Sleeping Bag Video


I have here Marmot’s NanoWave 55. This is a real ultra light sleeping bag design that they have done. It is synthetic. It uses their spyrafull synthetic fill. It is rated to 55 degrees so it is definitely up there in temperature. And it is a great option for anybody that is doing summer travel, back packing, camping and for anybody who also likes to go out in three season temperatures even in the winter. It makes a fantastic over bag. So NanoWave 55 has a full size zip. You can catch that yellow zipper there. You do have two way zipper sliders so you can access the bottom of the bag, vent your feet if you need to. Marmot did work some thermal efficient properties into it even though it is a warm weather bag, but not extending that zipper all the way to the foot box. And there is a bit of a box design to it as well, so a little bit of comfort when you sleep. It is not just a flat, rectangular camp bag. You have got a couple of loops here to hang it up at that bottom and you can use that for storage or for hanging up to dry if you need to do that. Top of the zipper has a nice zipper guard. You do have a glow in the dark zipper pull as well. And the hood here is a pretty minimal design. I wouldn’t even call it like a full hood. It is just kind of a cap that comes around the head there. You have got one or two baffles. A 55 degree bag doesn't necessarily need to incorporate a full hood. It is not meant to be used in colder temperatures, but it gives you a little something there and it does have a slight tapered design to it. I wouldn’t call it a full mummy bag. It is almost like a semi rectangular fit which I think would allow it to fit over winter mummy bags well or poten-tially inside another bag if you wanted to use it that way. You can see you have got draw cord adjustment here under the face and around the top of the hood. NanoWave 55 does come with a compression stuff sack as you can see here. And it packs down into a really nice tight little package. It really is the size of a football. I was defi-nitely some work to get it in this, but if you are willing to do the work, obviously you get this nice small little package out of it. You can easily upgrade this compression stuff sack to something a little bit larger and have a little bit less work involved there unpacking it. So that is the NanoWave 55. Again, very small, very compressible, perfect for use in warm weather or as an over bag in colder temps.


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