Marmot Men's Prodigy Jacket Video


I am wearing Marmot’s Men’s Prodigy jacket. This great, active piece is highly wind re-sistant, water repellant. It delivers great warmth and is just really, really comfortable wear. The Prodigy jacket is constructed of Gore’s wind stopper fabric so you know you are go-ing to have great wind resistance. It is also highly water repellant. It is not truly water-proof, but for active use outside on the go, you do get some nice protect there as well. Bolstered on the front and the back for warmth you actually have vented panels on the side. So, again, in expectation of active use, cross country skiing, all types of winter sports, even running in the coldest of weather, you have got a place where warm build up inside the jacket has a place to escape. The interior of the Prodigy jacket is fleece lined, again, on the chest and the back panel. So really nice next to skin comfort there. There is also a dry clime lining to the collar, so around your neck, beneath the chin, a really nice touch of comfort there as well. Marmot does utilize its angel wing movement in this jacket. So when you are on the go, whatever activity you are engaged in, the jacket won’t ride up on you. It will move with you. For the warmth that this jacket provides, it is still a relatively light weight one pound, five and a half ounces, especially for a full length zip on a piece like this. Often times you will see it in a half zip to save on weight. This does have a full length zipper. In fact, it is a two way zipper. So you can open it from the top. You can open it from the bottom. The pay off there or the benefit of that is you can vent the jacket. So, again, it is an active wear piece. If you are building up heat faster than the jacket is allowing it to release be-cause temperatures have risen, it has warmed up, it is a nice way to easily vent the Prodi-gy jacket. A couple of points of adjustability on the Prodigy jacket. You do have Velcro cuffs so you can dial in that fit a little bit to make sure that the sleeves aren’t riding up on you. Also dual points of hem adjustability so you can cinch pull that jacket in for a more streamlined fit. As far as pocketing is concerned you do have two lined hand warmer pockets here in the front. Also a zippered chest pocket and one additional zippered pocket here on the interior of the jacket. That also does have immediate pass through. So if you have an mp3 or other electronic devices, there is a spot for the headphones to pass through the interior of the jacket. So if you are looking for a nice light weight, but warm active wear piece for fall and win-ter, Marmot Men’s Prodigy jacket is a really nice combination of all those features.


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