Marmot Men's Nanowick Jacket Video


I am wearing the Marmon Men’s Nanowick jacket. Incredibly light weight, water re-sistant wind jacket. It also utilizes marmot’s dry clime technology so an excellent wicking piece for athletic or aerobic activities like running or hiking and backpacking. Really light weight design on the Nanowick jacket. Weighs all of 4.6 ounces. Nylon mini rip stop fabric on the exterior, zonally placed dry clime mesh fabrication underneath. Dry clime, what it does is it pulls the moisture from your body. Again, this is an aerobic style jacket so it anticipates that you are going to be sweating in it. It takes that moisture as it moves it to the outer layer of the fabric it actually spreads out that moisture. So, again, highly wicking material that on the whole keeps you dry and keeps the jacket from becoming fully saturated as well. Athletic fit to that Nanowick jacket so you can wear it over a t-shirt, low profile base lay-ers or even next to skin. Unlikely to be something that you are wearing over heavier lay-ers. There is a full length zipper on the jacket, so easy in and out of the jacket. A small zipped chest pocket to keep keys or other valuables close at hand. It also doubles as a storage pocket for the jacket itself. There is some elastic on the cuffs which improves the fit there a little bit. No real adjust-ability there otherwise. There is a pretty minimalist single pull hem adjustment. Pull the fit in there a little bit. It is not a hooded jacket. But there is adjustability around the neck to pull that jacket in a little closer and, again, help a little bit with wind protection. So the Marmot men’s Nanowick jacket, again, water resistant, not waterproof, but highly windproof. A great piece certainly for trail running, road running for that matter. And also a nice backup piece of hiking or backpacking.


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