Marmot Men's Conness Pant Video


We are going to take a closer look at the fit and features of Marmot’s waterproof, breath-able Conness pant. The pants are constructed of Marmot’s proprietary membrane fabric. That fabric is an excellent balance of waterproofness, breathability and durability making the pant ideal of winter hiking and back packing or skiing and snow sports. Looking here at the cuff you can see there is snap closure, water proof zippers that run the length of the pant. So excellent protection, but also makes it an easy on and an easy off. There is also a gartered overlay here at the bottom for further protection. It is a two way zipper that you have got on the side panels. Again, so you can open it as broadly as you need to, to get it over larger boots, but you have also got great venting op-tions here. So while you are engaged in winter activities, heat starts to build up even though it is a breathability pant. As the temperature rises you may be looking for a little help as far as venting and this two way zipper comes in really handy. And take a slightly closer look at that gator again. It is on each of the legs. It also has a snap closure and then a Velcro strip that holds it in place. There is elasticity at the bottom and a little bit of grip, too. So, again, it closes in such a fashion that it keeps powder and spin drift from finding its way up and under the pant. Nice light weight design, a little bit of stretch there as well, which makes it easier to get on and off and over top of the boots. The pants do come with removable suspenders, also belt loops should you choose to wear a belt. A belt is not included. The fly you have got snaps and zipper, also a bit of Velcro to ensure that that is a secure closure. Inside the pants there is some adjustability there. So with or without a belt you can cinch things in and dial in the fit of the waist. We mentioned the suspenders. Those are removable, actually come up over the shoulder and attach to a bib in the back. That bib is also removable. So if you are wearing it with a belt or just simply don’t need the suspenders, that can be taken off entirely. A couple of other construction features to touch on. An articulated knee is integrated into the pant so that as you move and turn during activities that pant doesn't gather or catch or get in the way of movement at all. It really mirrors whichever direction you are turning or how you are maneuvering. On the back of the pants there is a cordorus guff guard. So where that comes into contact with the back of the boot, basically a high abrasion area that is going to be subjected to potential wear and tear is nicely bolstered by Marmot to insure the longevity of the pants. The pant does have several pockets each of which is protected with a weather resistant zipper. So you have got two fairly standard hand pockets. Beneath that on the right leg is a cargo pocket. And there is one zippered back pocket. So that excellent combination of fit, weather proof protection and breathability make the Conness pant a very versatile option for winter hiking, back packing or snow sports.


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