Marmot Men's Calen Hoody Video


I am wearing the Marmot Calen hoody. It is a synthetic insulated piece. Got a lot of neat features in it that we will take a closer look at. It is an awful lot of jacket for the money either to be used as a cool weather outer wear piece or, in really cool weather, as a really nice mid layering piece. Insulation on this jacket is Marmot’s thermal R synthetic insulation. Nice warm, but low profile synthetic insulation. Because of that synthetic build, should it become wet, should it become damp it still retains its ability to keep you warm. Nice nylon rip stop shell fabric on the jacket which also protects that insulation and gives the jacket nice durability. This jacket has what Marmot would call a regular fit. So it does leave some room for low profile base layers underneath it, but, again, also designed in such a way that, you know, you can layer over top of it with heavier pieces. As far as adjustability is concerned you do have dual points of hem adjustability so you can cinch the jacket in there. There is a nice elasticity on the cuffs also helps to keep the sleeves from riding up. Helping to maximize warmth the Calen hoody, as the name would suggest, does have a hood. It is a pretty stream lined hood. It has some elasticity here around the face, you know, reminiscent of some sleeping bag hoods that are out there. Not what I would call an over sized or helmet compatible hood, but with that elasticity does pull in around the face and, again, make the Calen hoody that much warmer. Lots of really great pockets on the Calen hoody. I think it makes it a really versatile piece. You have got kind of traditional zippered hand warmer pockets here. Should point out, though, they are fleece lined. So a lot of comfort inside those pockets. You do have a zippered chest pocket and open up the jacket here and show you that pocket also has a pass through for headphones because you have got that attached to a phone, an mp3, iPod, something like that. You are also seeing a really large mesh stuff it pocket or dump pocket on the inside of the left side of the jacket. On the right side is one last zippered valuables pocket. And this is also a really nice deep pocket. Just excellent storage on the Calen hoody. So as we have discussed the Calen hoody with its reliable synthetic insulation, nice set of features both in terms of the fit and then also that pocketing that we took a look at and an affordable price point. The Marmot Calen hoody, really nice cool weather outer wear piece or a nice versatile mid layer piece.


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