Marmot Men's Big Mountain Jacket Video


I am wearing Marmot’s Big Mountain jacket. It has got the fit and features that make it an excellent, light weight, water proof shell for winter activity. Marmot’s proprietary membrane fusion dry fabrication insures that this is not only water proof, but also breath-able. It has a wicking properties to it so it moves moisture to a point in the jacket where evaporation can take over. So in winter it is going to help to keep you dry, which is obvi-ously going to help to keep you comfortable. It is designed as an outerwear piece. It is not a piece that provides warmth. It is intended to be worn over top of other layers or insulat-ed pieces when you need warmth. But in terms of that water proof breathable protection the big mountain jacket delivers. Other weather protected features here on the jacket, you have obviously got a sizable hood. It is a helmet compatible hood. It has got adjustability both here at the chin or the face and also in behind the hood as well. Again, it enables you to pull that in when you are not wearing a helmet so you have got a nice fit to it, but also expands to accommo-date a helmet. There is wire brim here at the front of the hood which extends out, ensures that you are not getting any kind of precipitation in your eyes or on your face. You are going to see that the front of that jacket zips up very highly which, again, will cut down on wind and weather when you need it to. Fully seamed tape throughout the jacket and weather proof, a water proof zippers as well. Another nice feature for mountaineering or snow sports is the integrated outer skirt. So here on the front of the jacket elasticity here, also snaps on the front pulls that in close so spin drift powder isn't finding its way in and under the jacket to get you wet and uncom-fortable. That skirt is removable. So if you don’t need it, don’t want it, it comes out, but you have got that versatility when you need it. Big Mountain jacket does have fairly lengthy sleeves and that is by design. So you are likely going to be wearing gloves. This will do away with that gapping between the glove and the sleeve. There is adjustability, Velcro adjustability at the bottom of those sleeves so you can pull that up a little bit. Beneath the sleeves, I should also mention it does incorporate Marmot’s angel wing con-struction so the jacket doesn’t lift up on you when you are moving about or staying ac-tive. Beneath the sleeve here I do want to point out the pit zips. Should you heat up, get warm during activities it is nice to be able to let that warm air escape and pit zips underneath both of the arms allows that to happen. While I have got the jacket open here I will show you there is a stretch mesh dump pocket on the interior of the jacket. Other pockets on the {?} include two zippered hand pockets down near the bottom of the jacket and then two different style of pockets here on the chest both zippered with those water proof zippers in the pocket here on the left side of the chest. There is a media port so you can run headphones through the jacket and under-neath even though you are zipped and closed up. Also a small zippered valuables pocket here on the sleeve. This is a great set of features on this jacket, certainly the waterproof breathable protection that insures you can confidently go out into wet weather, cold weather and stay dry.


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