Marmot Men's Ama Dablam Jacket Video


I am wearing the Marmot Ama Dablam jacket, a classic piece from Marmot, very warm, very light weight, perfect for keeping you warm in cold weather conditions and looks great, too, so you can wear it all day every day. The jacket is insulated with premium 800 fill goose down, so very compressible, very light weight. Despite delivering excellent warmth the Ama Dablam comes in at just one pound, three ounces. Marmot does utilize a down proof fabric that keeps the individual feathers, the down feather from escaping the jacket. So good longevity on this jacket. There is an insulated baffle in behind the full length zipper that keeps cold air from get-ting inside and you have got a fully insulated adjustable hood as well. A couple of different pockets on the Ama Dablam. Most obviously the hand warmer pockets here at the bottom, really nice lining to that pocket, so nice comfort to go along with the warmth. Also got a small Napoleon pocket here on the chest to keep things close at hand and on the interior of the jacket you have got a zippered pocket on the right side of the jacket. A couple of other quick points of adjustability I should mention you have got Velcro at the bottom of the sleeves, at the cuffs there to keep the sleeves from riding up and just get that fit a little more dialed in. In addition at the hem you have got dual points to pull that jacket in more tightly if you choose to. Ama Dablam, great looking jacket, extremely warm so you can use it for any type of win-ter activities, or, again, just every day.


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