Marmot Lithium 0 Degree Sleeping Bag Video


Marmot Lithium 0 Degree Sleeping Bag We are taking a look at the Lithium sleeping bag by Marmot. This is a zero degree bag so it is going to be great for someone who is looking for a cold weather sleeping bag that is made with really high quality materials and that is going to be ultra compressible and very light weight. It is filled with Marmot’s high quality 850 fill down and it is down defender. And what is so important about down defender is that all the plumes of down are treated with a water resistant finish. So unlike traditional down that is going to lose a lot of its thermal efficiency when it become wet, down defender is going to dry out faster if it becomes wet. It is going to stay drier longer if you are in wet or damp conditions. And it is ultimately going to keep you warmer if it is subject to some wetness. So, you know, definitely very high quality materials there. It is a mummy style cut so you do have a hood at the top. It is going to taper in towards the feet and we will take a look at some of the other features in the bag. The shell fabric and the lining is pertex micro light fabric, which is extremely durable, but it is ultra light weight and it is really soft as well. So that keeps the weight of the overall sleeping bag down. You have got a full length zipper in this mummy sleeping bag and behind the zipper you have a really nice draft tube to keep out cold air from seeping through the zipper and you have got a piece of fabric sewn in behind there that is an anti snag design. You have got a really nicely baffled hood. So especially in cold weather if you want to cinch down that hood just to keep in a little bit more of the heat you have got, you know, a really nice hood there and a very fully baffled collar around the hood as well. You go down into the sleeping bag a little bit further you have another collar that wraps around there and you have just a stretchy cord to cinch that down. So if you don’t want to cinch down the top of the bag around your face, you can cinch that as well and that just keeps in the heat a little bit better. Going down to the foot box you also have a fully baffled foot box and it is a trapezoid design. So instead of the top and the bottom of the sleeping bag just being sewn together, you have this shaping and this box. That is really comfortable for your feet. It gives you a little bit more room to move around there and you also have two little hang tags there on the bottom. You can vent the sleeping bag from the bottom so it is a two way zipper. You do need to get a leg our or you do need to just vent the bag from the bottom you have that option. Marmot uses EN or European norm ratings for their sleeping bags and so this is considered a zero degree bag, but the actual comfort rating is around 18 degrees and the lower limit rating is around six degrees. So certainly keep that in mind when you are taking this into the back country. With the Marmot down defender and the 850 fill down, you can really compress this bag. And for those ... even for those backpackers, that person who really wants to compress it down into a small size and we are going to compress this bag into the included stuff sack just so you can see how that high loft down really compresses down to be really small. I have got it packed down into the included Marmot stuff sack and you can see just how small and compressible that is. For a zero degree bag that is definitely very compact and very compressible. I can see you being able to compress a little bit more with a compression sack, but, you know, this definitely does the job in this stuff sack here. All in all with the high quality, light weight materials, the 850 fill down and Marmot’s down defender, you can be confident of a good night’s sleep on your next back packing adventure. It is the Marmot Lithium zero degree bag.


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