Marmot Lithium 0 Degree Sleeping Bag Video


Taking a look at Marmot’s Lithium Zero Degree sleeping bag. This is a classic mummy bag. It is filled with 850 plus goose down and is rated to zero degrees. This bag is a very simple design and it is extremely well done. You don’t get any extra features that you wouldn’t need for winter camping when you are looking for a bag that has great com-pressibility, fairly light weight, doesn’t take up much space in a pack. But you are getting all of the features that you need in a cold weather bag. Marmot uses their stretch tricot baffles in this design. What that does is it allows the bag to be stuffed and unstuffed from a stuff sack and those baffles kind of stretch with it so you don’t have to worry about tearing them in that constant compressing and uncompression of the bag. You have a full length zipper on this bag, snag free, really smooth to operate. And inside you will see there is a nice thick insulated draft tube that runs the full length of that zip-per. Inside, as you would want in any cold weather bag, you do have a draft collar inside around the neck and there is an adjustment on your right side here for that. So you can go ahead and cinch that collar in, inside the bag around the neck and really seal some heat inside if it is a bitter cold night. Marmot does have a nice insulating baffle here around the face and the chin as well. So you really can snug this in nice and tight. It is almost like a puffy jacket hood there so you have great warmth and insulation through the head at night. And Marmot does use their nautilus design on the hood so you have got a variety of different baffles kind of set up here ergonomically to fit with the human head. This is going to be a really nice fit and offer some great insulation. Marmot does put their trapezoidal foot locks on the Lithium Zero as well so you get this great actual defined foot box. This is going to offer a lot of comfort at night as far as sleeping goes or if you are tucking a couple of things down in there to keep them from freezing throughout the night. You have some space there for that. And I do just want point out that the full length zipper does not continue through that maybe bottom eight inches or so of the bag. For full thermal efficiency you would not want your zipper running down the bottom portion of this bag. It is a zero degree bag and it is set up for cold weather camping or mountaineering trips. So you have got all the fea-tures there that you would expect in a bag that will excel those sort of environments. Here is the Marmot Lithium Zero Degree stuffed into its stuff sack. It does come with a stuff sack and Marmot includes a storage sack as well. As you can see, it packs down to a pretty impressive size for a zero degree winter sleeping bag and it weighs in at just under three pounds at about two pounds 12 ounces. So it is kind of an impressive weight for a winter bag as well.


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