Marmot Limelight 4P Camping/Backpacking Tent Video


This is the Marmot Limelight 4P. Marmot has a series of Limelight tents that have been a well-known product for them. They're known for being sturdy tents, durable tents, definitely watertight as well as roomy. They're not the lightest tents, they're not the heaviest tents. They do their job well and they get it done. So the Limelight 4P would be a suitable camping tent. It would be a great backpacking tent as well. You can see it has two, large D-shaped doors. You also have two large vestibules. As well as room for 4 people to sleep across on standard 20 inch-wide sleeping pads or two people that want some extra space or maybe they're got a dog with them. So the pole structure on the Limelight 4P as you can see you've got 3 poles, you've got the green pole which is actually one set of poles; they're connected by a hub in the center. And then you've got two blue poles that run from the top point on the front of the door to the top point on the front of the other door. This cross pole sectioning where you get all these x's and crosses is great for stability. It gives the tent a lot of structure and it's also decent if you're in heavier rainstorms or windier weather. Marmot uses a nice durable double clip here so you get good strong contact points between the tent and the poles itself. As you can see, the tent has a nice combination of mesh and Nylon. The top half of the door here is mesh, so you're going to get good airflow there. The bottom half is white Nylon, which is going to be cooler in the summer time with a cooler color, as well as offering some privacy if you're camping in a campground and want to change your clothes, you'll have a bit of privacy. Across the side here, you'll see the mesh across the top and then a strip at the bottom. This is good for airflow that's coming in under the fly and airflow that you want to move out of the top of the tent and heat in warmer conditions. Inside the Limelight 4P, you've got lots of head room here. I've got at least a foot and a half above my head when I'm sitting down. If I'm in it by myself, I've got arms length all the way across the tent. So it's definitely going to be room enough for two or three people; four people would just fit snug. It would be a perfect people-to-weight ratio if you were backpacking with a tent like this. A couple of other nice features on the inside here, there are small mesh pockets in each of the four corners, just enough to get a headlamp or your chapstick or a cell phone in. And Marmot does include a footprint for this tent as well as a gear loft. And there are attachment points at the ceiling here for that gear loft. Take up a little bit of that head room up there and you could store some items above as well.


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