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We are taking a closer look at the Marmot Hammer 2P tent which is a four season high end mountaineering tent. Obviously the weather, the season, the conditions that we are in right now do not warrant the use of this particular tent, but we are going to take a close look at the features and the details which make this two person mountaineering tent really livable, really easy to use and a tent that is going to give you confidence in the back country in your four season adventures. Getting into the specifications, this is considered a single wall tent. So you do have that waterproof protection all the way around. And you have a removable rain fly right there in the front. So this grey area with this vestibule that comes out here. You can choose to use it or not. It is a single wall waterproof tent, you know, with our without it. Getting into the fabrics, the side walls, the grey side walls, the bathtub style floor and the vestibule are 40D water proof, rip stop nylon. And the canopy of the tent, the orange part, is a 50D water proof nylon. So you do have pretty durable fabrics there. But this tent is also very light weight. You have aluminum DAC poles keep the weight down. And, you know, just some other great features about the tent. It is a freestanding tent so you don’t need to stake it into the ground in order for it to set up. But, as I said, with this tent I have found that it is a lot more helpful, you know, if you loosely stake it into the ground first, set up the poles—and we will get into that—and then go around and kind of adjust the points of adjustability there in all the stake out points and then stake out the vestibule last. So more specific details about the removable rain fly and vestibule. It does just cover half of the tent. So, again, with that single wall construction you have water proof protection all over the tent. But you have an added level of protection here with a removable rain fly and vestibule. The vestibule is six square feet. So you have room in there to store your gear or to cook if you need to do that. And you have one entry point into this tent, one door right in the front. It has a storm flap in front of that zipper with a nice snap at the bottom for security and all along the zipper you do have a reflective piping. So it is an added safety feature there. If I open that up you can see this is Marmot’s snow flap for the bottom of the vestibule. And I can roll this back to show just the front door of the tent. Enough space to store your gear. And one thing I want to mention is that with this Hammer 2 tent there is a lot of overlapping of fabrics. So obviously the overlapping of the rain fly and the vestibule over the tent itself, overlapping of the storm flap and the zipper. There is even overlapping in the front door of the tent so you have got bomb proof protection, protection from the elements, something you obviously expect in a mountaineering tent. If you open up the door here, I can see this as being a good area to cook. You can sit in the door and, you know, reach out and cook right outside of your tent there if you need to stay warm inside. But we will remove this rain fly, show you some additional features inside the tent. We have taken the vestibule rain fly off of the tent to talk about some of the other features. And the pole structure here is pretty interesting. You have got three poles. They are DAC feather light NSL poles. And they are super light weight for the size. So it definitely keeps the weight of this shelter down. And the poles are actually set up on the inside of the tent. Again with the single wall design the poles... there is two cross poles there and then you have one additional pole for that rain fly. Now this is set up right here on the front of the tent and you have got two grommet holes there and basically there is a sleeve on the inside of the vestibule that you thread this pole through that sleeve and you are able to, you know, pitch the vestibule that way. If you are not using that part of the tent, you can use that and the poles at home just to cut down on the weight. So it is not an essential piece, but definitely it gives you a lot of variety with how to use the tent. The other two poles here, like I mentioned, they are cross poles and there are printed instructions on how to pitch the tent that are actually included on the inside of the stuff sack of the tent. But what Marmot suggests is staking out the four corners of the tent loosely first. The tent is flat on the ground. And you enter in through the front door. There is a sleeve on both of the corners in the back where you, you know, insert the poles there. And then little clips in the front where you actually pitch the tent from the inside. So this has, you know, a lot of benefits. If it is... if you are in a storm, if it is raining, if it is snowy, you can actually pitch the tent and you are dry on the inside. So all you have to do is kind of throw your gear in there, get in the tent, pitch it from the inside and then you are protected from the elements that way. The other thing I wanted to mention, there are two guide out points on the outside with that yellow cord. On the inside of the tent you are able to adjust those guide line and make them tighter or looser. So once the tent is pitched I would just go around and, if you... if the stake out points aren’t tight enough, you can go around and tighten those up and make adjustments as needed. Again, one entry point into the tent. So we are going to go inside and look at the features inside. Entry into the tent through this front door here and, again, just all those overlapping areas where you have a nice storm flap in front of this zipper as well, flat there and a flap there. There is also, if you do not have the vestibule pitched there is also some protection here. I can see being able to open that up as a little vent, maybe not that far, but open that up as a vent so you have a little bit more ventilation there. But if you are experiencing some weather, it is going to protect it from this flap right there. Opening the tent from the bottom you have got a nice open D shaped door, easy in, easy out. And I will mention here on the side you have a vent flap here that you can adjust from the inside. You have a vent flap in the back towards the top of the tent that you can also adjust from the inside. So that is going to really cut down on condensation where you have this single wall design. Condensation can build up with that water proof material, but Marmot has really, you know, put some features into this tent that cuts down on that condensation. We have got the big D shaped door rolled back here just to show, you know, how big it, the door is, easy in, easy out. This interior space is pretty big in here. You have an interior height of 43 inches and it is 50 inches wide by 83 inches long. So definitely enough room for two backpackers to have 20 to 25 inch wide sleeping mat here, storing your gear outside of the tent. You have some internal storage and pockets. You have got one big pocket on this side, another one on that side. And with the poles being on the inside of the tent, there are certainly areas where you can attach a light or anything like that, which would be really easy to just attach to the inside of the tent there. With everything included, the stakes, the poles, the vestibule, this tent weighs in about four pounds 14 ounces, so definitely a back packable option for one or two back packers. And it is light weight enough for a four season tent that I could see you being in there solar shelter as well. All in all with the water tight construction, versatility with the different uses, with the rain fly and just your bomb proof fabrics, easy set up as well, this is definitely your go to shelter when you are looking for a light weight mountaineering tent fort who back packers. It is the Hammer 2 by Marmot.


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