Marmot Atom 40 Degree Sleeping Bag Video


We are taking a look at the Atom 40 degree sleeping bag by Marmot. This is a high quality bag filled with 850 fill down and it is Marmot’s down defender, which, I think, is the stand out feature of this bag. What is so important about down defender is that each plume of down is treated with a water repellent coating. So unlike traditional down, this is going to hold up better in damp or wet or conditions. It is going to dry out faster if it becomes wet. And it is also going to just keep you warmer should it become wet. So, you know, the high quality compact, light weight features of down coupled with that down defender give you a really great sleeping bag. Marmot uses EN or European Norm ratings for their sleeping bags. So they have called this the 40 degree bag, but the comfort rating is closer to around 50 degrees Fahrenheit and the lower limit rating is around 43 degrees Fahrenheit. So definitely keep that into consideration when taking this into the back country. It is a true mummy style bag. So starting up at the hood you have a fully baffled hood with a draw cord around both sides. So you actually have a separate draw cord on the top and on the bottom. So if you just want to cinch down one side and leave the bottom open or vice versa you can do that easily just by cinching that down on cold nights. So you have a full length zipper. And behind that zipper you do have a draft tube to keep out cold air, but behind the zipper you also have a piece of fabric sewn in there for an anti snag design. The zipper is a two way zipper so you can vent it from the feet as well. You have a trapezoid style foot box and so the top and bottom of the sleeping bag aren’t just sewn together. There is actually boxing and shaping here, which is a lot more comfortable for your feet. You have more room to move and with these extra baffles here it is a little more thermal efficient. So really comfortable foot box, high quality, what you would expect from a Marmot sleeping bag. I have got it packed down into its included stuff sack so you can see how small that really packs down. With the high quality 850 fill down you do have a lot of compression there. If you have a separate compression sack, I can see this being able to just compress down even smaller to save weight in your pack. All in all you have got your down defender, your high quality, light weight fabrics, 850 fill down. You can be confident on your next back packing adventure. It is the Marmot Atom 40 degree sleeping bag.


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