Marmot Angel Fire 15 Degree Women's Sleeping Bag


Hi, and welcome to Backcountry Edge. I'm Liz and I'd like to introduce you to Marmot sleeping bags. The Angel Fire by Marmot is the women's version of the Marmot Sawtooth. It's a women's specific bag which means it has a women's cut and comes in different lengths that fit women better. The Angle Fire also has more insulation throughout the foot box and over the chest because women sleep colder and tend to get colder in those two portions of their bodies before men do. This is a 600 fill power down bag which makes it an affordable offering for anybody who is doing 3-season backpacking or camping but heads out into the winter a little bit more or lives somewehre where it doesn't get, let's say, below twenty degrees in the winter time. This is a great bag for backpacking because the down insulation allows you to compress it so it is quite packable and will fit in your pack. There are a couple of things that Marmot does to make this bag stand out, especially for cold weather camping. One of those features is their full baffle construction which means these seams are not sewn through, so you're not going to find cold spots. You get a Nautulis Hood with six chambers of down and a custom fit around the head. This seals down snug around the head so just your mouth is exposed. You also get a seperate collar on the inside that fits in around the neck with a separate draw cord. Marmot calls these Feely draw cords because they feel different so you can tell them apart in the dark. The bag itself has a double draft tube along a no-snag zipper with a two-way zipper at the bottom so you can vent the foot box. There is also a little pocket in the foot box that holds heat packets to keep your feet warm.


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