Marmot Alpinist Hybrid Jacket Video


I am wearing the Marmot Alpinist Hybrid jacket. This technical layering piece provides warmth while allowing a wide range of movement. As the name would suggest, there is hybrid or dual construction in this jacket. Premaloft One insulation in the front or torso panel makes this a warmer piece, so cold days whether climbing, bouldering, hiking, backpacking. If you are wearing this either on its on outside or as a layering piece, you get that warmth from the Premaloft insulation. On the sides where you tend to heat up you might have pit zips on other pieces. There is fabrication here that takes the place of that and allows air to flow. Polartech power stretch pro fabric on the sleeves allows that wide range of mobility along with Marmot’s angel wing construction. Again, all of that is designed to let you move in any and all directions without the jacket riding up. Very trim athletic fit to the Alpinist Hybrid jacket. Again, it reflects that it really is a lay-ering piece. Pass-throughs at the thumbs reflects that athletic fit as well. Also the extended sleeves take away that gapping that sometimes occurs between gloves and shorter cut sleeves. There is elastic on the end here. There is also elastic on the hem which, again, provides a nice fit. As far as other features are concerned, you do have a tuck away hood, a very form fitted, slim hood on this which fits great underneath hoods if you are wearing layering pieces on top of this or wearing this jacket beneath a helmet. Pocketing here on the front, another zippered pocket on the sleeve and there is an interior pocket as well. That interior pocket has a pass through, so if you are wearing electronics, mp3 player, your headphones can pass through that pocket while the electronic stays securely inside it. That pocket also allows the jacket to be stuffed inside it and a nice small package which makes it great for packing inside a back pack, inside travel pieces. It makes this a really portable piece. Really multi dimensional piece, great layering piece for really year round usage, but bol-stering warmth in colder weather.


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