Marmot Aegis Jacket Video


The Aegis Jacket by Marmot is a waterproof, breathable, lightweight and very packable shell. It's made with Membrain Strata. This is a technology that Marmot is using that's very lightweight, waterproof, breathable and doesn't require any sort of a lining or 3-layer construction. It is a laminate. It is very lightweight and breathes quite well. The Aegis jacket has a full front zipper. It is a two-way zipper so you can zip up from the bottom as well, get some better ventilation, or pull the bottom of that jacket up over a pack hipbelt if you need to. It has an exterior storm flap and has a nice little storm flap behind the zipper here so that really eliminates wind blowing rain inside the jacket. It's going to keep you nice and dry. It does have two pack pockets here on either side of the jacket. These are waterproof zippers, so they're very durable, reinforced. They eliminate the need for a storm flap. It's one way to reduce the weight on this jacket. You get a mesh back material so you can open these pockets and get a little ventilation there as well. For the real ventilation, we have some pit zips here. And they're simple. You’ve got a single zipper pull that runs from under the arm of the jacket a little bit into the torso of the body so you get some good ventilation there as well – something that any hiker or backpacker knows is well-needed on any waterproof jacket. Marmot puts this nice little waterproof reinforced zipper on the sleeve as well. So you have a little pocket to tuck something extra in here, whether it's chap stick or a cell phone or something like that. A very nice feature on this jacket is the hood. And as you can see, you don't see the hood right now and that's because it's rolled up into the collar and this is a very clean design that Marmot has worked on here. The inside of this collar is a DriClime fabric which is a very soft, wicking material that feels great against the skin – no chafing there. To take the hood out, on the back here, you'll see a little Velcro tab underneath of this. I'm just going to pull that up, unfold it and the hood rolls out. It has a stiff brim and that brim actually becomes the backbone of that collar as well so you have a nice stiff collar on that when it is rolled up into the collar. So now you've got your stand up collar as well as the hood out here. And Marmot puts kind of a double Velcro tab in here that matches up with this so you can tuck that within there and clean up having any sort of material flapping around on your face and it also exposes your drawcord adjustments here on the outside of the jacket which are a very clean design. Let me take a look on the inside here you'll see you don't see any of it here so nothing's going to be rubbing against your chin. It's all done internally. By pulling through here you can see that cinches this in and you can just pull in the other direction here if it's a little snug to release it. So there's your hood. You do have a third adjustment in the back here. You'll see a couple little spots of Velcro there so you can pick one, two or three - whatever adjustment you're looking for . This back and forth adjustment across the top of the hood is what changes the volume – how far that brim sits over your face. So you've got one, two, three adjustments on this hood so you're going to get some great fit from it as well as that hood that tucks away and hides in the collar for a nice clean look. The cuff on the Aegis jacket you can see is kind of built at an angle, so you can see it covers the top of the hand a bit more. You do have some Velcro adjustability here on the inside of that cuff is lined with that soft DriClime fabric so this is going to be comfortable against the skin at the cuff of the jacket as well. The bottom hem of this jacket has a drawcord adjustment. It's here on your right hand side. You just kind of cinch it in – it's a simple adjustment. And I do want to point out once again your snap closure and again that double zipper that allows you to zip up from the bottom. So you can kind of open the jacket backwards and it gives you the opportunity to get some great ventilation without taking the jacket off. On this jacket, Marmot has used taped seaming all through the jacket so you're getting your waterproofness from that taped seaming as well as the Strata fabric and the breathability from that Strata Membrain. It's a nice laminate there. So very lightweight, it's a very breathable jacket. It's going to be at home in anybody's pack and easy to store when not in use, easy to pull out when you do need it.


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