Marmot Accelerator Hoody Video


The Marmot Accelerator hoody has the construction and feature set that makes it abso-lutely ideal for trail running or other high aerobic activities. The mix of polyester and elat-ing that make up the Accelerator hoody give it excellent, excellent stretch, definitely, again, a light weight fabrication here. It breathes well, but it is also wind resistant. There are some stretch vented panels here on the jacket, again, enhance that breathability that much more while allowing you to move. Some of the other features that you will find here that, again, have an aerobic slant to them, you have got points of reflectivity in the fabrication. You have got thumb holes here at the sleeves so if you are wearing this with gloves you do away with that gapping between the glove and the cuff and often times just gives enough of warmth coming up over the hand that you may not even need the gloves. It is not a heavy fabric by any means. I wouldn’t consider this a cold weather outer layer. But for warm weather, cooler weather, it is ideal. It is actually a nice leathering piece as well. So low profile, mid layer. Interestingly enough it also has a UV protection built into this jacket, so despite it being long sleeved it is not a bad option for warm weather and full sun. The jacket does have a very low profile hood in keeping with the athletic design. It fits nicely underneath a helmet or underneath a hat if you are wearing either of those. I also want to call out the seams on this jacket, here on the hood, but on the jacket on the whole. Those are stitch free bonded seams. So no real risk of hot spots, rubs, you know, over the course of a long day wearing the jacket, running, again, even engaged in other aerobic activities and really start to have some chafing issues with a different design. Also I want to call out the tactile spots here on other shoulder that anticipates the poten-tial of a hydration pack or, you know, a running pack. That could do harm to this type of fabrication after long hours of usage, but this bolsters those potential abrasion points and makes the jacket that much stronger because of it. There is one small pocket on the Accelerator hoody here on the chest. It is a welded me-dia pocket. So you could throw keys in here, gels, some small items. But it does have a little media pass through. So you can have an mp3 player, whatever, even your phone, whatever it might be and let the head phones pass through the actual interior of the jack-et. A nice little touch with aerobic activities in mind. Whether worn as a stand alone piece or as a mid weight in colder temperatures, the Mar-mot Accelerator hoody really is a year round piece for trail runners or other folks engaged in aerobic activities.


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