Marmot 8000 Meter Mitt Video


We're going to take a look at the 8000 Meter Mitt from Marmot, obviously it's a little bit overkill for a day like today. But I wanted to give you a closer look at the features for this Mitt for those folks that are seriously considering going out tom some pretty rough rugged Ohio elevation weather so the 8000 Meter Mitt is designed for some really serious cold weather, this is going to be an expedition style Mitt, it's going to be something that if you're going to do a summit of Rainier or honestly any 8000 meter peaks, this would potentially be a Mitt that you would consider taking with you. So the 8000 meter Mitt is a component Mitt, so you've got an inside piece of insulation, separate mitt, that's going to come out, we'll take a look at that in a little bit and you do have an outer shell that is insulated as well, so the outer shell here is constructed from the Gore-Tex Paclite fabric so it's 100% water proof and breathable, it's pretty durable, rugged construction, on the palm side you see, you've got solid piece of leather, this is a real brutally thick leather, good construction here. You do get some seaming points as well as contours around the mid here so it fits well, it's going to...fairly as easily as a large mitt like this can grasp onto poles of some sort, you've got a couple extra bonus features here. Just a little bit of reflective material at the tip here as well as a clip for carabiner and what that means is when you clip it to a carabiner the Mitt will hang down that way, ice, snow drizzle or whatever it doesn't fall inside the Mitt to make it keeps it inside of them. Nice and dry when they are not in use. The Mitt has a one handed adjustment at the wrist here so you have a nice slide lock strap there. You can easily manage that with one hand. You do get at little bit of elastic here that kind of helps to cure that fit in the hand in such a large roomy Mitt and on the side here you can see here Marmot has a real nice design here. This is what is going to pull in your #00:01:45-3# and you've got kind of a one handed pull out here, keeps the straps on the outsides of the forearm so they are out of the way if the wind is flapping and you happen to have your are up or you're using a pole or a tool, this piece isn't on the inside to potentially slap you on the face so it's here on the outside. Then this red tap here, all you do is pull that with one hand, it releases the whole thing. It's a nice smooth easy adjustment, easy to do with the other Mitt on your hand as well. Inside to secure this Mitt to your hand there is a safety leash so you can see I've got it attached to my wrist here. At allows the Mitt to dangle, you can take your hand out use it for something else without having to worry about dropping the Mitt, easily slide your hand back in. I did mention earlier that this is a component Mitt. So you've got a separate Mitt on the inside that is completely removable. It is a nice bright yellow color so you can't lose it and it is insulated with 700 fill power goose down, very compressible, very warm. So it's a real nice design you can see you've got some re - enforcement this is just a little heavier fabric here in the black and you've got a little bit of a silicone print here that really helps with the grip. Inside of this Mitt you have a single kind of a trigger finger design but there is a piece of material between that index finger and the other three fingers. So you do get the ability to kind of have a little bit more dexterity with this piece than you normally would with just an open Mitt liner. It also helps when it isn't inside the larger shell Mitt to give you a little bit of dexterity with that index finger. The outer top portion of the Mitt does have a really light weight layer of [thimeloft] insulation. So if you are using the outer shell by itself, it does have a little bit of insulation quality to it. Now the inside of it also has, I'll turn this inside out here, you can see on the back of the hand you've got a little bit of this like dry climb super light weight wicking material and a little bit of a thicker fleece here on the, where the hand is so it's real comfortable, if you've wearing it by itself without the other Mitt inside and it's definitely going to draw moisture out of the Mitt if your hands are warm and pass it out through that core fabric. The inside of the Down Mitt Liner also has this really light weight soft dry climb wicking material as well. This can be very comfortable for cold hands and helps manage moisture as well if you're on the move and your hands are heating up. So the 8000m Mitt from Marmot very well designed, super warm, weather protected, insulated Mitt water proof as well. It's going to be fantastic for anyone that is looking to do any sort of cold weather mountaineering type expeditions.


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