Why Trekking Poles? Video


Why trekking poles? This is a fairly common question for many a hiker or backpacker who hasn’t used trekking poles or a walking staff before. And it is a question with multiple answers. We are going to show you some of the benefits of using poles and explain why we don’t tackle any back country adventure without them. Even on flat or rolling terrain transferring some of the weight of your pack from your back and your knees to your arms and your poles can reduce fatigue, keep you moving stronger and faster especially over the course of a long day of hiking as the weight starts to catch up with you over the course of the day. Somewhat natural to finding some kind of leaning forward hunching a bit. Using trekking poles helps to promote a more upright posture throughout the day. Doing so reduces fatigue. It also opens up lung capacity. Standing upright you can take in more oxygen. Taking in more oxygen you are sending more oxygen throughout the body and muscles stay stronger longer. On up hills with each step all of the weight is driven down onto your knee. By putting poles out in front of you, you redistribute that weight and take stress off the knee and off of your back and allow the poles to help you get up hill stronger. Similar stresses occur on descents, but here quadriceps muscles are also working over time taking the brunt of that weight. By getting trekking poles out in front of you, redistributing that weight, you can really reduce fatigue. Whether or not you have got a heavy pack on your back, navigating uneven terrain can be difficult and even treacherous. Trekking poles really come in handy here as they provide extra stability and greatly improve balance. Creek crossings provide a great example of why it is far better to have three or even four points of contact rather than relying just on your own two legs. With poles in hand, you can be significantly more sure footed. Why trekking poles? Improved balance, greater stability, reduce stress on your joints, redistribute weight to reduce fatigue and improve on trail posture.


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