LEKI Carbonlite Trekking Poles Video


These are LEKi’s Carbonlite trekking poles, premium performance poles, carbon construction throughout and some other excellent features that make these ideal for all types of back country usage. Poles are equipped with LEKI’s air gun thermo mid grips. Got really nice texturing here on these poles, ergonomics in play that make for a very comfortable grip. You can see that there is also an extended portion of that texturing below the standard grip. This comes in handy, especially in winter months where you have got gloves and it is hard to make micro adjustments. And then you run into places where you might want to be making constant adjustments to that poles. You are going across one switch back. You are coming back across the other and finding that in one instance you want one pole longer. You want the other shorter. So you are having to make these constant and frequent adjustments. With grips of this nature you actually can just kind of change where you are grabbing and holding the poles for periods of time. So it cuts down on the number of times that you need to actually adjust the height of the pole. Again, in a winter gloved hands. It is also just a place that is easier to grab at the poles rather than the fairly narrow pole diameter. Also see that there are integrated wrist straps. That helps to take wear and tear off of your wrists during extended usage. I have flipped up the top of the grip there that actually allows me to adjust where that wrist strap is set to maximize the comfort for different uses. On top of the poles there is dimpling. There is different texturing there on an ovoid style top that fits nicely in the palm of your hands in those instances where that is where you prefer to have your hand rather than on the grip itself. The poles consist of three telescoping sections. The combination of carbon construction throughout and weight saving internal locking mechanisms allow these poles to check in at just 14.8 ounces, a weight that is certain to appeal even to ounce counting back packers. That internal locking mechanism... take a quick look at that. Again, it keeps weight to a minimum. A real simple design in that as you turn the pole that mechanism travels up the treaded post. It broadens and broadening it tightens against the interior of that pole section above it. It keeps weight to a minimum, as we mentioned, but also gives a nice secure lock. At the bottom of the poles you will find LEKI’s carbide flex tips. Carbide is actually just that lowest section where the tips come into contact with the ground. That is what provides traction on trails, on unimproved surfaces. If you are intending to use the poles at any point in time on improved surfaces, paved surfaces, you may want to check out LEKI’s rubber walking tips. They are sold separately. Just a press fit design that goes right over the end of the carbide flex tip. This tip is designed in such a fashion that should you run into a situation where the poles are wedged between a rock or in a crack, you are in a spot where you have the potential to actually break the pole shaft sections, instead, this will shear away and it is a replicable part. So that is much preferable to actual broken shaft sections. You will also see LEKI’s low profile trekking basket. That is included. That design allows the poles to stay up above softer surfaces. So rather than the poles sinking too deeply into the ground and not giving you the purchase you need, these stop that. It is low profile, so if you are intending to use the poles in winter, in snow, certainly, check out LEKI’s snow baskets, deep power baskets. They are sold separately, but they are interchangeable. It is broader diameter baskets that will ensure that the carbon light poles actually stay up on top of the surface.


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