La Sportiva Oxygen Windbreaker Pullover Video


This is the La Sportiva Oxygen Windbreaker Pullover. Definitely a minimalist design on this jacket, not waterproof, but water resistant and highly wind resistant. Weighs next to nothing, packs down small so you can throw it in a pack, clip it to a harness whether as a backup emergency backpacking shell or climbing, trial running, a really athletic piece. Ultra light weight fabrication here. So this is the a 15D rip stop nylon, so almost a filmy, gauzy fabric. It does have a taffeta lining so it actually feels nice next to skin. My first guess might have been that it wouldn’t. It does. It feels great. And it makes this jacket come in at just 3.3 ounces even though you do have a hood on this jacket, too. So, like I said, weighs next to nothing. Despite that, it does have a couple of nice features. Like I said, it has got a hood, a very athletic hood there. So not something you would be wearing over a helmet, but certainly it would fit beneath a helmet if you were using it for climbing. It does, however, have a shaped brim here and there is actually a little bit of padding in there that gives it a little more shape. I think that is a really nice little touch. As far as adjustability is concerned, you have got elasticity here at the wrist, no other ad-justability. You do have thumb holes. Love thumb holes especially in an athletic piece. Again, it takes that gapping out if you are wearing it with gloves or just gives just a little bit of protection that extends beyond the sleeves. At the hem here same as the wrist, just elasticity to dial in that fit. So, again, the La Sportiva Oxygen Windbreaker Pullover. It packs down so small it has got a side pocket here that it have stuffed it into. 3.3 ounces. We have talked about that earlier. It actually has an elastic band here. This would fit inside your pack, obviously. You could clip it on to a harness. But this elastic band will even let you hold it right here in your hand. I can imagine, you know, spring, autumn trail running where I am not sure if I need this. I am not sure I don’t either. This is no bother whatsoever. So why not strap it on and take it for a run. Love this. La Sportiva Oxygen Windbreaker Pullover.


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